Video: 2.5 of the most devastating Corbyn minutes you’ll see until, oh, say #20XX

may humil.png
Theresa May’s face as MPs howl with laughter at her ‘smooth and orderly’ Brexit claim

Theresa May suffered further abject humiliation in the Commons this morning when, as she tried to deliver her speech on the dismal deal she has ‘achieved’ with the EU in the wake of multiple resignations from her government, she was repeatedly laughed at – including by members on her own side of the House – as she tried to claim the deal ensures a ‘smooth and orderly’ exit from the EU.

But things were about to get worse as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn commenced a forensic dissection of the towering weaknesses of what amounts to May’s complete capitulation to the EU, with no effective UK control over its exit from the new arrangements – until potentially as late as the end of 2099.

Corbyn’s full response took around seven minutes – but his opening two and a half minutes were calmly devastating for May’s shredded credibility:

Even DUP MPs couldn’t restrain themselves from agreeing with the Labour leader:

With letters flying in to the 1922 Committee and Rees-Mogg whipping his supporters to mount a challenge, May will be lucky to make it to the end of the day as PM.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The response to the two leaders’ speeches are telling, with even right-of-centre voters commenting on social media that Corbyn looks like the only one who can be trusted to rescue the UK from a Brexit shambles that left-wing commentators have been predicting for over two years.

Among the myriad disasters of Theresa May’s government and her excuse for a ‘deal’ with the EU, it’s likely that ‘#20XX’ will loom as large in Theresa May’s nightmares as any.


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  1. “May’s complete capitulation to the EU”

    Be careful of that ‘Sieg Heil’ trope. It smacks of the Brexiteer twaddle concerning international relations.

    1. No, it doesn’t – not in the least.
      Your unpleasant reference, however, smacks of an agenda on your part.

    2. Another remainer (?) who refuses to accept the fact that 100s of 1000s of working people, Labour’s supporters, (not the chattering classes!) voted out and with good reason. Still fighting yesterday’s lost battle…

  2. Donald Tusk offers a lifeline
    “The EU is prepared for a final deal with the United Kingdom in November, We are also prepared for a no-deal scenario but of course we are best prepared for a no-Brexit scenario.

  3. I’m just loving today so far and we’re getting an announcement from Terry Fuckwit, I mean May, at 5pm…

    Strap in, folks!

  4. T May ,” there is no alternative to my way ” OH YES THERE EFFING WELL IS , it’s called a GENERAL ELECTION , for the sake of the country that you keep spouting on about effing well call one NOW !!!!!!!!!
    you twat you are finished as is the Tory party and please don’t finish the country off as well . For GODs SAKE JUST GO.

  5. It was noticeable that Jeremy Corbyn was permitted respond without the usual interruptions.

    It is important that the whole Labour party stands united and fully supports Jeremy Corbyn. A lot of important domestic issues are not being resolved due to the government being permanently in the Brexit bubble and remaining totally detached from what is happening on the streets and the cities around the UK.

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