Breaking: McVey resigns


Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey has resigned over Theresa May’s Brexit ‘deal’.

mcvey resig.jpg
McVey’s resignation letter

The suffering of millions and deaths of hundreds of thousands under DWP policies didn’t move McVey to step down and McVey brazened out multiple exposed lies about the hideous Universal Credit system, but May’s deal was evidently unbearable.

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  1. Oh joy – almost as much fun as watching Portillo blubbing on stage in ’97 🙂

  2. Who will they put in charge of the DWP now, someone really ‘competent’ like Chris Grayling?

    1. a capita administration, then they can have a real reason for it to be disliked and incompetent

    2. She’ll be inviting some of our less discriminating MPs to join her last-ditch “Government of National Unity.”
      Anytime now…

      1. Chukka is already wetting himself with excitement at the prospect.

      2. we should welcome a mcvey government, give them there own little island somewhere nice and exotic, 2 km by 1 km plenty of sheep and home grown produce- Gruinard Island – nice setting and of course human guinea pigs to really test the island out

    3. I was thinking the same. Her name and address is still on record at Companies House. This must be chased up and followed through

  3. That’s FIVE ministerial resignations today, its not even lunchtime yet. I wonder if they can make it a nice round dozen by the end of the day.

  4. Mcvile – no doubt – still influenced by her former ‘gauleiter’ dummkopf-schmitt; who, I reckon, has suggested that mcvile will have a place in his brexiteer ‘fourth reich’

    Well, tess, you had TWO opportunities to at least look a bit like a vertebrate and sack the lying gorgon for lying to parliament.

    …Oh, my bad – That’s a virtue to you & your lot isn’t it?

    Just goes to show there’s no honour amongst thieves.

    Wprst part is, the talentless, repulsive snake-charmer will be copping a hefty taxpayer funded pension for it’s brief cabinet stint as torturer of the poor.

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