LibDem MP: “I will back May’s deal”



LibDem MP for Eastbourne Stephen Lloyd has said he will back Theresa May’s abysmal Brexit ‘deal‘, which will remove the UK from the EU with none of the advantages of leaving while retaining almost all of the obligations of membership.

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Yet again LibDems are doing their best to shore up a hideously damaging government, even when the Tories are acting in direct opposition to LibDem ‘principles’.

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  1. Eastbourne, ah yes, Beachy Head. The Lib Dem member brings a whole new meaning to cliff edges. Any old edge will do eh?

  2. Hang on! You used the words “Libdem” and “principles” in the same sentence!!

  3. Lib Dem’s party with one policy and already one of their 12 MPs are saying they are not voting for it!
    You could not make it up

    1. Well, to be fair, there are several “independently minded” Labour MPs as well who have, ahem, supported the current Government’s Brexit policy. And more than a few Tories who have opposed it.
      Sticking rigidly to party lines is what gets us into this sort of mess in the first place; open democracy ought to allow a lot more “free votes” than we generally ever get. Especially nowadays when MPs can be held to account far more quickly by both the media (new and old) and by their constituents.

      1. The difference being that being pro-EU is core to what it means to be a Lib Dem. For Labour it has never been such a fundamental principle.

        This is yet another demonstration of what happened during the coalition. The Lib Dems voted for things that were directly against the core principles of the party, when there was no majority in Parliament for such policies and no reason for them to support them. And that is why I have changed from being a lifelong Lib Dem to now being a staunch Corbynista.

  4. I remember my dad taking me to a meeting, in Bristol, where Tony Benn spoke of the dangers of joining a “rich man’s club”. Some years later, I attended a meeting in Newport where Neil Kinnock warned us of exactly the same, but within 2 years, Mr & Mrs Kinnock were on the MEP gravy train. The Labour Party has a tradition of being euro-sceptic, especially with reference to the Kinnocks. Ask Dennis Skinner!

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