Video: Newsnight misrepresents Corbyn several times, fails to correct after Labour complaint

The BBC’s Newsnight programme misrepresented Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn a number of times in a few minutes on Tuesday night, as it attempted to cast Labour as being as split over Brexit as the Tories and to deflect attention from Theresa May’s incompetent negotiations onto Corbyn’s supposed Brexit position.

During an interview with Labour’s excellent Barry Gardiner, interviewer Emily Maitlis first claimed that Corbyn has always thought the UK would be better off outside the EU, then that Corbyn had claimed that Brexit cannot be stopped, when Gardiner explained that he told a German magazine that Labour has no statutory power to stop it.

Maitlis then claimed that Corbyn would not vote to remain if there were a further EU referendum.

But as the Labour Party announced on Twitter shortly after the programme, the claims were false – and the programme had failed to correct them even after the party contacted Newsnight :

Labour’s statement was clear:

lab nnight

SKWAWKBOX comment:

As usual, the BBC was all too eager to deflect blame and attention from Theresa May, her rank incompetence in negotiations with the EU and her dishonesty both with the country and in her dealings with other parties.


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  1. Barnier only accepted the deal with May because it locks Britain under Labour into EU competition law on restricting state aids to British industry and on maintaining privatisation. MSM won’t be making much of this either.

  2. Is it strange BBC always criticise Trump as fake news? BBC they have to see themselves what they have been doing. Everything is so superficially treated including the issue of ant-semitism. Lie after lie, they have been creating. Some well-known American critic on Sky interview said that Trump says ‘fake news’ whatever he does not like whether it is not true or not is not important for him. In everywhere, especially people who play in higher level of the social/political they misuse ‘word’. T. May said that there is no democracy. I wonder if she knows that is her.

  3. Unfortunately it was actually easy to misconstrue what Jeremy Corbyn meant in the Der Spiegel interview – certainly in the transcript – I haven’t seen the actual interview. When asked “If you could stop Brexit, would you?” he replied “We can’t stop it. The referendum took place. Article 50 has been triggered. What we can do is recognize the reasons why people voted Leave.”
    Which unfortunately has left him open to misinterpretation, as I have seen in discussions on Facebook, where people are unaware of Labour policy, agreed by JC, to go for an election as first option, and keep open the possibility of a people’s vote if that can’t happen.

  4. Parliament voted to have a referendum; the People voted to leave EU; Parliament voted to trigger Article 50. Parliament & the People decided, but now Blairites don’t like it.

    1. “Now the Blairites don’t like it’s

      You could probably get a job with the BBC with a partial truth distortion like that.

  5. Biased Broadcasting Corporation degrades our democracy; and WE pay for it! Outrageous!!!

  6. Why bother to note anything the BBC now says or does , as far as I am concerned they are a dead loss and a completely corrupted News Channel . All sources of BBC news info are in my book questionable and open to suspicion .Tho one only has to look back in our history to see how even before the Tories completed the job of corrupting it , the BBC was less than honest in its reporting . ( Suez, Middle East etc ).
    The great thing is that now at least the people have many alternative news sources with which to make comparisons and try to detect the truth of the situation.

    1. P.S don’t watch it no more , don’t own a license , don’t have a TV and don’t pay a penny to financing its lies. Simple answer ,, direct action.

      1. I cut the arial a couple of years ago. No more swearing at the obvious lies and propaganda in my house!

  7. What is it with female newscasters these days? They’re all from precisely the same arrogant neo-liberal mould as the Blairite MPs. If nothing else, they’re totally unprofessional.

    Whether it’s Maitlis, Kirsty Wark, Cathy Newman, Jo Coburn or Laura Kuenssberg, they can’t keep their overweaning egos under control and leave us in little doubt as to their personal political leanings.

  8. Tried to complain on BBC online… as I got to the end and clicked “Next Question” it returned me to the start of the procedure.
    NOTE: When you complain, copy what you’ve written before you click “next” so you don’t have to re-write it!

  9. jaki. thats happened to me lots of times, its like a default fxxk off setting.
    i complained about it another way and just got waffle.
    they act with impunity and care nothing about peoples opinions

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