Video: Corbyn’s standing ovation from all sides of the Commons – and Bercow’s tribute

jc ovation

This afternoon, the Commons chamber of the Houses of Parliament witnessed a remarkable, noisy standing ovation from both sides of the chamber – as the UK’s Youth Parliament rose to cheer and applaud Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

But just as noteworthy was the introductory tribute paid by Speaker John Bercow – a Tory MP – to the Labour leader, as he essentially described Corbyn as the genuine article and the ideal people’s politician.

Bercow also mentioned that Theresa May had spoken to the young members this morning – but that welcome does not appear to have been broadcast on the Parliament Live site.

Rumours that this was because she was concerned about comparisons between the reception she might receive and the likely welcome for Corbyn have not been confirmed.

Update: Corbyn also got a similar reaction as he left:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

The mainstream media and centrist or right-wing politicians spend a lot of time and effort trying to claim that young people are disillusioned with Corbyn.

His reception today from youth politicians of all stripes showed that up as the hollow nonsense it is.


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  1. Aw! That brought tears to my eyes, what a fantastic welcome. I never ever thought I would say this about a Tory MP but I like John Bercow.

    1. Tend to agree , he is one of the old Tories , that had a modicum of fairness and compassion and could work for the better of all the country however , given a choice between a Blarite and him , humm a tricky choice

  2. Brilliant reception from the young people and the kind and true words of Mr Bercow.

  3. Bercow’s words are why the Tories want him gone, I imagine his speech will have filtered back to Tory HQ and the moves to get him out will intensify.
    My support for Jeremy hasn’t wavered that reception just reinforced my opinion of him that bit more just as it does every time he is attacked.

  4. Numbers 1 + 2 in their hit parade. Taken with a Suration poll I can see the steam rising over London from North Yorks. Nah, it’s too much so there might be another antisemitism front moving to the S.E. Have a nice day because Sunday will bring a shit storm from the usual places. Regards.

  5. General Election is alternative option for the country’s direction.

  6. In my own defence I’m not the most avid parliament watcher – got to watch the blood pressure – and my memory’s not great.
    I’ve genuinely had to look him up a few times when he’s said or done something to make me think he must be one of us and I’ve just forgotten.
    Even the bullying thing surprised me and there’s not one other Tory whose guilt I’d doubt.

  7. The reception for Jeremy Corby, by the yoith parliament, is brilliant and not unexpected. The words of the Speaker of the house appear genuine and honest.
    I am very interested to know what the reaction to Mrs May was. I suspect it was respectful but not joyous. I suspect it was muted nd contrived and not spontaneous. I also suspect it may have been a little embarrassing, hence no mention of it anywhere in the MSM.

  8. Loved this so much, how parliament should conduct itself. Hat’s of to the young on all sides of the house, and give them the vote at 16.

  9. A flicker of light at the end of a very long, dark, slimy, stinking tunnel: maybe a candle in the wind! Young people, this is for you now! Get a grip!

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