Breaking: Labour First Chair loses place on SE regional board

Labour First chair Keith Dibble

Labour First chair Keith Dibble has just lost his bid for re-election to Labour’s south-east board at the party’s south-east regional conference.

The news does not bode well for Dibble’s hopes – or those of his remaining Labour First/Progress slate members – of election to Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC) in the NCC ballot that is about to open.

This time last year, Labour First’s Luke Akehurst was crowing about Dibble being able to hold onto his position:

Akehurst does not appear to have tweeted congratulations to Unite up to the time of publication, although the vote not to reinstall Mr Dibble will have involved CLP members and unions together.

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  1. I would have opposed this motion on several accounts. It uses dubious sources which monitor anti-Semitism who are hostile to the LP left. It is specific to one type of racism not bothering about the Palestinians recently murdered.

  2. Hi – I’m a member of Aldershot CLP. I joined the Labour to vote for Jeremy Corbyn and I did so, twice. I believe in a better, fairer, more decent society as brilliantly outlined in our manifesto for GE2017.

    I have to tell you that, though he isn’t portrayed very positively on these pages, that there isn’t a more passionate, dedicated, and committed campaigner and local councillor for Labour in the party than Keith Dibble. You don’t need to take my word for it – every single campaign, every town stall and event we’ve held, every round of leafleting, canvassing, fundraising – has had Keith at its centre.

    He’s a fundamentally good and decent man – one who has served my local community for decades (he’s also my local councillor in North Town, Aldershot). He’s also dedicated his life to fulfilling roles within the party with discretion, impartiality, and fairness. Ask anyone, from any wing of the party who has actually met him, he’s been a tremendous support to new members, activists, and candidates for local government (incidently mostly – like me – on the left of the party).

    Members are entitled to vote and choose whom they wish, and rightly should be, at every level of the party. But this is a man who deserves some respect – and if he doesn’t – then there isn’t anyone who does.

    Labour First has a different (and minority) view on the direction of the party – one I disagree with on various points – it’s still one that has a valid place in our broad church party.

    I am and remain a supporter and campaigner for Labour victory and fervently wish to see Jeremy as our next PM.

    But make no mistake – there is nothing to be celebrated in a deeply experienced and principled man losing a post he worked so very hard at for the benefit of the whole party.

    I thank him for his service to the party, wish our new regional board members well, and will continue to campaign with my comrades for the Labour victory and government this country desperately needs.

  3. Glad to see that the author of this piece understands what has happened.

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