Labour First produces handy guide who NOT to support in vital NCC elections

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One of the key decisions at Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool last week was the expansion of the NCC (National Constitutional Committee), the party’s ultimate disciplinary body, which had a long history of domination by the party’s right, but which last week elected a solid left-winger, Anna Dyer, as its chair in place of Maggie Cosin, who has close associations with right-wing faction Labour First.

Of the new members to be added, six will be elected by Labour members – and the nominations process is already underway.

Labour First has done the majority of Labour members a favour by issuing an email and a graphic with their recommended candidates – which handily functions as a guide for them to the candidates to avoid:

labfirst ncc.png

Nominations close 28 October and the left slate should be available on Monday evening, after a planned meeting of the CLGA (centre-left grassroots alliance) to finalise its recommendations.

Nominations are even more important than usual on this occasion, as NCC members are normally voted into office at Conference, but on this occasion each CLP’s (constituency Labour party ) votes in the final ballot will be cast by the CLP secretary – in most cases in line with the nominations of their CLP.

Left members of the Labour Party should make sure their CLP holds a nomination meeting before the deadline and that the results are communicated promptly to the party’s central office – but because only the right-wing slate is currently available, members should raise objections to any attempt to hold a nomination vote earlier than Tuesday 9 October.

However, if unable to prevent a nomination vote until next week, members should back Gary Heather and Cecile Wright, who are almost certain to be included in the left slate.

Note: this article originally said the votes would be cast by each CLP’s delegates to last week’s Labour conference, as had been announced by NEC members, but this has now been changed.

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  1. …as well as a Parliamentary candidate for Copeland.”

    Which she lost on a swing of 6.7% and failed to re-take at the general election when the Labour Party otherwise made significant gains!

  2. If we are serious about being a member led organisation and the democratisation of the party then the new members of the NCC should be elected using OMOV.

  3. This reads in a confusing way.

    The second paragraph begins:

    “Of the new members to be added, six will be elected by Labour members ”

    Then further down this is contradicted in the statement:

    ” but on this occasion conference delegates from each CLP will vote remotely”

    Which is it? A membership vote (OMOV) or delegates only?

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