Video: Mendoza delivers gripping inaugural Alternative Claudia Jones Lecture

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Kerry-Anne Mendoza

As the SKWAWKBOX has covered, Canary editor-in-chief Kerry-Anne Mendoza was abysmally discriminated against and harassed by a group of mostly white, elitist journalists at the Guardian/Observer – and the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) broke democratic principles and went over the heads of its black members to cancel Mendoza’s invitation to deliver a landmark memorial lecture for Black History Month.

Mendoza, with the support of the Canary, black NUJ members and other left media outlets and in keeping with the barrier-breaking spirit of the woman in whose memory the event began, organised the inaugural Alternative Claudia Jones Lecture.

It was delivered last night to a full house and Ms Mendoza drew on Claudia Jones’ life story and achievements to illustrate the differences between activism and liberalism – and talked about the importance of independent media and honest story-telling in building a world that works for everyone.

It was a gripping, moving and at times devastating lecture and can be watched below in full – beginning at 24 minutes:

What she has done and achieved on her own initiative and with the support of other activists puts to shame the mostly-cossetted mainstream journalists who think they can look down on her.

Congratulations to Kerry-Anne Mendoza and all concerned.

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  1. The Guardian is a Pro-American Corporatist Warmongering Rag which peddles fake news and Opinionism on a vast scale. 130,000 readers and sinking…

    1. At least with The Sun you know your enemy. This makes the Guardian particularly dangerous; the Guardian is the enemy within!!! Similar to Bliarism…

    1. And this:

      “One must admire the incredible skills the media have in manipulating the population. They’ve managed to convince many that the most passionate Anti-Racist Campaigner of the last 40 years, Jeremy Corbyn, is actually Pro-Racist and Anti-Semitic”
      Noam Chomsky

  2. SB Is there a link missing to the recorded Lecture , I can’t seem to find it on this page !

  3. And continuing on from where I left off earlier (and having come across the following article in the meantime).

    In an article on September 12th 2018 in the Daily Mail – with the headline ‘Countdown’s Rachel Riley reveals she has been branded ‘brainwashed and thick’ after daring to speak out against Corbyn over anti-Semitism’ – it says that ‘she was hit with a wave of vile abuse after daring to speak out against Jeremy Corbyn on anti-Semitism.’ But the only example it gives of this “vile abuse” (on Twitter) in the article is the following:

    One called Sam wrote: ‘You’re embarrassing yourself Rachel. These are all publications known for their consistent attacking of Corbyn and his socialist politics.’

    So apart from the “brainwashed and thick” tweet, it would appear that the above tweet from ‘Sam’ was the only thing they could come up with as an example of this ‘wave of vile abuse’. So even if one regarded the “brainwashed and thick” tweet as vile abuse – and I’ve seen a hell of a lot worse – and thousands of them – in the Comments sections of the Mail and Express and the Sun – it would appear that this so-called ‘wave’ that she was ‘hit’ with amounts to just one single tweet. And you can be 100% certain that HAD there been any such tweets (that really WERE vile), the Mail would of course have included some of them in the article.

    It is of course reminiscent of the Damian Green fake accusation about independent left media spreading hate etc – and outrageously citing the murder of Jo Cox – when all they could come up with as an example was an article in The Canary about Laura Kuenssberg being invited to speak at the Tory Party conference (a fringe meeting in fact), which I have no doubt was a set-up concocted to get a reaction from a left news website (or is it normal practice to put the name of someone on a poster that they haven’t yet invited OR the person concerned accepted). The Telegraph headlined the Damian Green/Tory HQ propaganda piece: ‘Fake news websites could cause another MP to be murdered, warns Cabinet minister Damian Green’. And the Sun headline was ‘FAKE NEWS THREAT Hyper-partisan websites ‘will lead to MP’s murder’, says May’s deputy’, with a sub-headline which said ‘Damian Green fears that the effects of partisan media sites poisoning politics – and warns of reading sites that only tell one side a story’.


    1. As for “poisoning politics”, THAT of course is what the right-wing press have been doing for decades AND the MSM in general for the past three years since JC was elected leader of the Labour Party, and Damian Green and every Tory politician (of whatever hue) knows it, and it amuses them no end to accuse those who produce decent journalism of doing what their media chums do all the time. They just lurve the irony AND the fact that the millions of people that THEY deceive and dupe on a regular basis don’t have a clue about the irony.

      And ditto for the “hyper-partisan” line of course.

      And needless to say, their “poisoning” of politics – ie their smears and vitriol and demonisation – equates to ‘subverting democracy’.

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