Breaking: NUJ’s loss as Mendoza to deliver inaugural ALTERNATIVE Jones Memorial Lecture

The National Union of Journalists’ (NUJ) shoddy behaviour in prioritising the outrage of a small set of white, privileged journalists at a mainstream publication above the democratic decision of black NUJ members is about to embarrass the union still further.


The NUJ overruled its Black Members Council (BMC) decision and cancelled the BMC’s invitation to the Canary’s Kerry-Anne Mendoza to deliver the Claudia Jones Memorial Lecture for Black History Month.

But Mendoza and her many supporters have taken matters into their own hands – by arranging the inaugural alternative Claudia Jones Lecture to take place next Monday, titled “The speech the British establishment didn’t want you to hear“.

The lecture, sponsored by the Canary, Sands Films Studio and supporters across the UK’s independent media, will take place from 7pm on Monday 29 October at Sands Films Studio, 82 Saint Marychurch Street, London SE16 4HZ. Entry is free.

The launch statement for the event reads:

Kerry-Anne Mendoza is the Editor-in-Chief of The Canary, an independent, left wing, progressive news website dedicated to using campaigning journalism to ensure people and planet are nurtured. Come to the lecture to hear her speak about the creation of The Canary, the important role of independent journalism, and the movement for an alternative to the self-interested politics and journalism currently dominating the UK.

The event is brought to you by The Canary, Sands Films Studio, and supporters from across the UK’s independent media.

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Black Members Council (BMC) invited Kerry-Anne to give the Claudia Jones Memorial Lecture, a key event in the NUJ’s calendar and its main approach to participating in Black History Month. This should have taken place on 11 October but despite ongoing support from the NUJ BMC, it has been impossible to agree with the NUJ National Executive Council (NEC) to move forward with the postponed lecture.

Following objections from the Lecture’s original host, The Guardian and The Observer, the NUJ NEC has participated in a concerted effort to prevent Kerry-Anne from giving this lecture. And that’s why it is important that the lecture go ahead, in the spirit of the left wing, feminist, pioneering journalist for whom it is named.

See also: https://www.thecanary.co/uk/2018/10/11/how-many-privileged-columnists-does-it-take-to-silence-one-black-woman/

And latest: https://skwawkbox.org/2018/10/22/excl-nuj-subverts-democracy-to-bully-mendoza-out-of-black-history-month-lecture/

Sadly, the lecture cannot go ahead under the NUJ’s umbrella, with Kerry-Anne as the speaker. The NUJ NEC has tried to silence her but Kerry-Anne will not be silenced!

JOIN US in celebration of Claudia Jones and Black History Month and help us show the establishment that we are not going away any time soon!

We look forward to meeting you and thank you for your solidarity.

Please note that there are stairs up to the venue. For more questions about physical access, please contact the venue. For other accessibility queries, please email nancy@thecanary.co

If you’re within reach on Monday, book here to enjoy not only a great speech but a historic moment.

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  1. I’m pleased about this. They should hire bouncers to stop Polly Toynbee from getting in.

    1. Mind you . . I’m still not a fan of the Canary. It has a pro EU bias and Mendoza has endorsed a second EU Referendum. A definite aroma of neoliberalism.

      Still better than the Guardian by miles though.

  2. Glad to hear Mendoza to give speech regardless of privileged, white NUJ. How the hell they think they have the right to tell black members who they can and can’t choose is beyond me. Sounds like another union in dire need of democratisation.

  3. Bingo ! its what I had hoped would happen , good on yah Kerry .
    Suggestion for those of us who can’t get to London can the event be streamed ?

    1. Christ Paulo I really hope not ! but thanks for the comment .
      It would be really great if the response is massive to the alternate Lecture , one in the eye for the “Establishment Guardian” .

  4. What could be more telling?
    Establishment NUJ leadership in a fit of misguided pique try to no-platform the BMC’s chosen speaker and accidentally publicise the views they went to such lengths to silence. Oops.
    On a hundredth of their resources the NLM leaves them bloodied, bowed and grovelling on Murdoch’s carpet time after time.
    Money still talks but the sound doesn’t carry like it used to.
    Cough-drop Rupert?

    1. Furthest thing from an expert myself but I’ve seen live streaming videos with to-and-fro Q & A from across the world on a sailing YouTube channel I subscribe to.
      No idea how to set it up or anything, I just know that it was possible some months ago – I don’t even know whether it’s still possible.

  5. Disgusting display of arrogance. Do they seriously think there’ll be no backlash? Shot themselves in the foot. All the more reason not to buy newspapers from these people which is absolutely no problem at all.

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