Famous SKWAWKBOX ‘gammon’ meme proposed as new ‘Brexit 50p’ design

Philip Hammond’s promise to issue a Brexit-themed 50-pence piece has sparked considerable sarcastic amusement, with wags quipping that he could repurpose the pound coin as that’s what it will be worth post-Brexit under the Tories’ likely no-deal scenario.

But one observer with a skill in graphics has proposed a specific design – using this blog’s famous ‘gammon’ meme created during last year’s general election campaign.

The SKWAWKBOX published a graphic showing nine ‘angry white Tory men’ who were given disproportionate airtime during the BBC’s Question Time election special:

9 old white men

The meme caught the public imagination and was repurposed many times – including as a proposed ‘Brexit commemorative stamp’ set – and was also ‘borrowed‘, without credit, by the BBC.

But it must be said that it does make a rather fun design for the reverse of the ‘Brexit 50p’, as conceived by Matt Round:

gammon 50p.jpg

This certainly deserves official recognition – with a small SKWAWKBOX logo added, of course. But it’s a stellar piece of work by Matt Round to make use of the ‘meme that keeps on giving’.

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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you ” The generation of Tories that screwed it for the youngsters of today ” Little Englanders at their worst .

  2. Fuck Brexit, it should have Grenfell burning on one side, the names of the victims on the other and “COMMEMORATING THE YEARS OF TORY MISRULE” around the edge.

  3. Gammon MeMe. Perception constructed by failed ‘O’Level Sociology students using sectarian logic, using ‘nasty’ labels as an aid to their perverse understanding. To seek to insult an entire race; an entire generation & the elderly tells you an a lot about Media that refers to itself as ‘progressive’. More delusion as crass generalisations determine perception.

  4. what about the pretty red bus full of lies on it, so that people can remember in a coin that monetary value is going to nosedive what a useless bunch of lying imbeciles as Laural and Hardy would say ” that’s another fine mess you got us into”. it is almost as bad as having thatcher’s ugly face on a fifty pound note along with that useless piece of stone in London that has here somewhere though the pigeons don’t mind it,

  5. ‘…..typical Conservatives voters are increasingly elderly,male and I’ll-educated-hardly an image that any party wants to presents to voters.’
    DIRECT DEMOCRACY :An agenda for a New Model Party. (2005)
    Signatories include JEREMY HUNT and MICHAEL GOVE.
    Case proven m’lord.

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