UKIP nominated in Bermondsey – by six ACTUAL ‘Gammons’

The use of ‘gammon’ to describe a certain type of pink-faced, aggressive, right-wing male has gained in currency since the episode of the BBC’s Question Time programme immediately prior to last year’s General Election was turned into a meme by this blog, showing nine angry, older, male audience members who were allowed to ask a disproportionate number of questions of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:


The meme has been re-used and re-imagined many times since then by social media users:


gammon stamp.png

‘Gammon’ and hard-right, older, white Brexit ultras are indelibly linked.

So it was with considerable amusement that the SKWAWKBOX discovered that the UKIP candidate in Bermondsey was literally nominated by six actual Gammons, as the council’s election paperwork shows:

berm gammon.png

Perhaps surprisingly, the Gammons appear to be real, as one of the nominators seems to have appeared in a documentary a few years ago about the area.

Be that as it may, the coincidence of actual Gammons supporting UKIP is sure to provide considerable amusement for the party’s many detractors.

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  1. Those ruddy-faced portly gentlemen look like a Tory tontine club 🙂
    Guessing at least a couple will have gone Tango Uniform in the last 11 months…

  2. “So, Mr Corbyn, you have made it clear that you are not willing to blow the world up and get us all killed.

    That is why you are totally unfit to be prime minister!

    I will never vote for you until you make it clear that you are willing to get us all killed. I know many moderates who agree with me.

    Theresa May, to her credit, has actually made clear her willingness to start a nuclear war. Why are you so unwilling to make such a moderate commitment?”


  3. I remember it well.
    Six porkly gentlemen, having a night out on the town, wandered into the QT STUDIO!
    They decided not to sit with each other, so no one would be any the wiser.
    The mistake they made was their colour!
    Plus their likeness for all out war with nukes.
    Someone, we don’t know who, but May, having not, enlightened them, on the dangers of nukes!
    After the program QT.
    It came as a huge shock for these 9 Porkly Gentlemen, but alas, the damage was done!
    Their tiny brains couldn’t take it, “O DEAR, HOW SAD, NEVER MIND”.

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