Mail’s humiliating apology for false claims about JVL leaders

On 15 October the Mail Online published an article claiming that leading figures in Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) had been “disciplined for racism” by the Labour Party.

Those claims were entirely false and the Mail has now been forced into a humiliating climbdown after the JVL colleagues took legal advice:

mail fail jvl.png

So completely false were the claims that the original article appears to have been removed entirely, as a search for ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’ returns no link to it.

Jake Wallis Simons, the author of the piece, was contacted but declined to comment. Last year, Simons authored another Mail article that included false claims about the SKWAWKBOX’s editor, which the paper corrected after a complaint.

Sadly, of course, corrections in the ‘MSM’ are never as prominent as the fake news they are correcting.

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  1. Can you believe anything a journalist tells you? In the credibility/truth rankings who comes first; politicians; estate agents or journalists? Whatever happened to investigative journalism, or was that always an illusion?

  2. The fascist smearers no doubt get a buzz off of all their fabricating and distorting AND their deceit. The only reason they were able to smear Ken Livingstone is because they knew that 99.999% of the population had never heard of the Havaara Agreement, which led to the lifting of the Zionist boycott of Nazi Germany in 1933. But being good little propaganda fascists, as the smearers ARE of course – they then thought they would add more to their Big Lie and have millions of people believe that Ken said that Hitler was a Zionist. And they did the same regarding JC’s obviously sarcastic comment in relation to the ‘British irony’ story, as in:

    The Labour boss caused uproar when it was revealed he said Jews “don’t understand English irony” at an event back in 2013.


    1. “they knew that 99.999% of the population had never heard of the Havaara Agreement,”

      Neither did 99% know then that ‘Zionism’ was not conflatable with Judaism. For both of those reasons Zionists were able to smear Ken Livingstone and the Labour Party, to its shame, went along with it.

      As a result, we now are lumbered with the disgraceful IHRA definition and the brutal Israeli Government pushing to make even BDS antisemitic!

      Will the Labour Party never learn that it has to STOP kneeling at the feet of Zionists in the JLM and LFI and listen to groups such as JVL and JVP?


      1. The article JackT linked to says:

        ‘European political parties will be urged to adopt legislation labelling Israel boycotts as “antisemitic” at an event next month championed by the Israeli government and a London-based antisemitism charity.’

        And if any of them DON’T, they will of course be labelled as antisemitic. It is, in effect, a form of blackmail. As with the IHRA definition!

    2. Actually, Jeremy spoke about ‘Zionists’ perhaps not understanding English irony, he didn’t mention Jews.

      1. Yes, that was the whole point of me quoting that particular passage from the Sun article – ie the way they inserted “Jews” immediately prior to the quote, and did so of course to deceive their readers into believing he said Jews. And of course the reason they DIDN’T include it in the quote – which they would have done of course had he actually said it – is precisely because he DIDN’T say Jews.

        It’s a strategy the black propagandists use all the time – ie a deception, as such.

  3. Well done to the JVL for forcing the Mail to print that correction but not everybody can afford to pay for legal action.

    A beautician who was libelled by the Mail and whose business suffered as a result had to resort to the useless press regulator for redress. When, after more than six months, IPSO ordered the Mail to print an apology on page 2 of their paper the Mail refused saying they had an important story lined up for that page so IPSO rolled over and let them hide it away on page 8 instead.


  4. Like most things in this MSM dominated society money not only talks but shouts!

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