2yrs ago, John McDonnell was pilloried for calling for removal of Green’s knighthood

Two years ago, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell called for Philip Green’s knighthood to be removed for his ‘vandalism’ British Home Stores pensions scandal – and said similar about Richard Branson because of his tax-exile status and his attempt, as McDonnell saw it, to ‘undermine’ democracy by accusing Jeremy Corbyn of lying about being on an over-full Virgin train. The SKWAWKBOX subsequently showed Corbyn’s account was accurate.

jmcd green

Following his calls, McDonnell was castigated as ‘anti-business’ by right-wing MPs and others.

Today, after Green was named under parliamentary privilege by Peter Hain as the person facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment who had allegedly used non-disclosure agreements to gag complainants and an injunction to silence a newspaper, the voices that attacked McDonnell are conspicuously silent on the issue.

How bleakly unsurprising.

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  1. But for the Psychopaths our reality – and our history – would be totally different.

    1. I happened upon the following article earlier, so just in case there’s anyone who still believes the White Helmets are heroes and a force for good, check it out and learn the truth. And here’s a taster:

      Peter Ford, the former UK Ambassador to Syria, sums it up like this:

      The White Helmets are jihadi auxiliaries… They are not, as claimed by themselves and by their supporters… simple rescuers. They are not volunteers. They are paid professionals of disinformation.


  2. For no particular reason I thought it’d turn out to be Sugar.
    Maybe I thought of him because he seems to chase celebrity – thought of as a better route to success with women than the business world and the driving factor behind many aspiring to fame via music, acting, TV, fashion, politics etc.
    Although I suppose superyachts have aphrodisiac qualities too.

  3. So if he has nothing to fear and done nothing wrong , as he clearly states , then why the need for injunctions and non disclosure orders ?

  4. It’s a perception problem! The ‘honours system’ is a measure of who’s who. Who is the biggest creep; who donates the most money to the Tory party; who can say yes to the establishment whenever possible. Yes Sir! Uncritical, unquestioning, Yes man (& woman), but never working class (unless nouveau riche). An elite system that rewards itself…..& as for the House of Lords………!!!

  5. ‘Tonight I need to write a poem.
    To share just how I feel.
    As the Tory Barbarians.
    The wealth of the workers they steal.’
    But they are vapid and they are really morons who stuff their mouths with gold!
    (Yes rich & powerful you are grotesque and thîck and you with all your vacuus wealth YOU are the true little people of the planet!). Sleep well diverse working people tonight -together we are going to win the World. X

  6. I love poetry like I love jazz, opera, musicals and disco – I’m a proselytising philistine as far as they’re concerned, sorry 🙂

    For me the beauty of language is in the clarity of thought and communication it allows, not the contrived impenetrability of an Eliot, Browning or Thomas – which I find pointless and irritating enough to want to dig them up and strangle them.

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