Double Down video scoop proves what we told you last year: #Traingate was full

ddn traingate

Double Down News (DDN) has carried out a great scoop by obtaining the full video footage of the train that Jeremy Corbyn took last August from London to Newcastle. Corbyn appeared in a video talking about the train being full while he sat on the floor.

Virgin released a tiny number of still images and a few seconds of video from the train’s CCTV footage. Richard Branson tweeted one image, claiming it showed Corbyn walking past unreserved seats, even though the image showed only seats with reserved tickets:

branson traingate

Numerous politicians and pundits joined in. BBC and other news channels treated as fact the claim that Corbyn had made a false statement. Radio ‘personality’ Nick Ferrari made a particular ‘chump’ of himself:

The furore was dubbed ‘traingate’.

DDN’s footage puts beyond doubt that the accusations against Corbyn were in fact the fake news:

It’s a fantastic piece of work by the DDN team.

However, there was already enough evidence out there for any objective observer to know that ‘traingate’ was an Establishment smear.

Just a week after the event, the SKWAWKBOX posted analysis of some of the same footage used by DDN and proved beyond question that the supposedly empty seats shown in the few seconds of available CCTV were occupied:

Many right-wing Labour MPs, as well as ‘chump’ Ferrari and a host of other ‘journalists’ now owe Corbyn an unreserved and public apology. But don’t hold your breath.

However, now that the extended video footage has put the matter beyond doubt, it’s to be hoped that the mainstream media will at least cover it and acknowledge the smear.

But don’t forget the SKWAWKBOX – often accused of ‘fake news’ by those who want to discredit it – told you first again while the ‘MSM’ were still pushing falsehoods.

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  1. A simple question. If all the seats were taken as the train set off, how was Mr Corbyn found a seat before its first stop? Was someone thrown off (or evicted from a seat to make room for him)?

    1. Hindson the Tory Troll tries to strike again and makes an EPIC FAIL.
      The video clip clearly tells one how seats were made available for Jeremy Corbyn and his team .
      Utterly childish asinine comment from the Troll re people being thrown off the train to make room for Corbyn .In fact JC made a point of not moving into First Class when offered , unlike most other Tories who no doubt automatically book First and claim the cost from us tax payers.
      It would appear that Hindson the Troll is still clinging to the smear , unable to apologise for it’s Tory Govt and it’s mates in the MSM making up FAKE NEWS .
      Typical Tory Troll

      1. The video clip gives a version, certainly.

        The correct version? Who can tell?

      2. @hindson ….
        Graham Hindson 23/08/2017 at 9:10 pm · ·
        The video clip gives a version, certainly.
        The correct version? Who can tell?

        LMFAO !!! pathetic just pathetic Hindson you sad sad little Troll

  2. It’s simple, really – All the women were herded into their own carriage, such is Corbyn’s heinous misogynism.

    1. NO DOUBT, HE IS!

  3. Richard Branson, offshored orifice-mule for Yank medi-racket $$$.

    He’s what passes for an entrepreneur in UK Establishment circles.

    1. @Kay , not forgetting his £80 million suing against our NHS for not getting his way on a NHS contract . Wonder how many nurses that £80 million would have payed ?
      The guys a leech !

      1. Aye.

        Remember when he wanted to run the lottery & give the proceeds to the NHS? There’d have been a few quid more for him from suing the NHS if he’d got his finger in that pie as well…

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