As SKWAWKBOX predicted, DUP set to bring down May for own ‘backstop’ purposes

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Last week the SKWAWKBOX predicted that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), whose unwholesome ‘confidence and supply arrangement’ deal has been shoring up the Tory government since last year, was planning to sabotage any hope clung to by Theresa May of a deal based on a ‘backstop‘ plan for the issue of the Northern Irish border with the Irish Republic.

The DUP cannot countenance a border solution and will look to force a default to a ‘hard border’ in the hope of preventing the Irish reunification referendum that the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) guarantees if the 2021 census shows the Catholic population outnumbering protestants in Northern Ireland for the first time, as expected.

This afternoon, news has broken that the DUP is planning to back a motion by the Tories Brexit ‘ultras’ to outlaw the ‘backstop’ plan:

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Parliamentary insiders are now wondering whether to number Theresa May’s remaining time in 10 Downing Street in days or hours, rather than weeks.

While Tory ‘rebels’ are usually best identified by the absence of any actual rebellion, the DUP – whatever else can be said about it – usually follows through on its threats. Can May find a way to weasel out from between the EU’s ‘rock’ and a ‘hard [right] place’ to eke out her failed tenure again?

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  1. ‘The DUP – whatever else can be said about it – usually follows through on its threats.’

    I wonder what jess phillips has to say about that?

    1. Headlines ,,, May claims The Deal is 95% done , what an absolute load of bollocks.

      Whatever the twaddle being spouted by complete nobodies like Phillips/etc etc just take a look at these links relating to , as far as I can tell , the truth of the situation the UK is now in .
      It’s effing stupefying ! and whatever Phillips/Starmer/Chukka/and the rest of lying May and her bunch of Tory XXXXs has to say , is now utterly irrelevant .The ” negotiations” (HA ! bloody squabbling more like) will be within the Tory coalition and will be contained by the exact boundaries set by the EU 27 , fail to agree and there is NO DEAL .
      All the other talk bullshit and twattery over extending deadlines/transition periods are LIES , simple as .

      MACRON’S PRESS CONFERENCE ON 18 OCTOBER AFTER THE EU SUMMIT (with translation to English) http://debateuncensored.x10host.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=131

      For an update on recent developments, see also here: ==BARNIER’S INTERVIEW SHOWS THAT NEGOTIATIONS ARE STUCK

      http://debateuncensored.x10host.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=130&pid=1158#pid1158 The UK is heading for the mother of all crashes (= no-deal Brexit) – 100% made in the UK.

      Ef me we are fucked and the bloody lies pouring from the MSM continue as some sort of mood music that ” things aren’t too bad ” with 95% Deal done , and 700K people marching ain’t gonna change a thing , unless we somehow get a JC Labour Govt to mitigate the damage , protect the workers rights and jobs etc . We need to leave BUT NOT THIS WAY , unless the EU starts to work for the people and not for large Corporations.

      1. Yep. In this situation “95% done” is like the man falling from the hundredth floor saying to the man on the fifth floor balcony “OK so fa-aargh”

        I take on a lot of difficult-to-impossible projects and I always force myself to sort out the hardest parts first.
        Otherwise if it turns out that you can’t fix the part you’ve been putting off… you’ve wasted the time you spent fixing the easy stuff and all you’ve got for it is a piece of scrap that owes you what you paid for it plus a day’s work.

        Or, in the case of Brexit, millions of hours of work and £billions lost to the economy.

  2. Without the DUP the full extent of Tory incompetence would be unknown to the EU and the world.
    The negotiations were always going to be a clusterfuck and we’d reap the blame for Cameron’s footuparse.

  3. The Labour Left NEEDS a rock hard Brexit in order to give it freedom over state aid, public ownership and public monopoly. A hard border however inconvenient is absolutely necessary: we cannot build a democratic socialist state without dividing the UK decisively from the EU capitalist bloc.

    The EU are trying to keep us in the capitalist armlock by letting the NI tail wag the GB dog. Stop falling for these capitalist tricks, Swark!!!

  4. Yep! It’s time for Eire to rejoin the British Isles & solve the problem; after all Dublin is twinned with Liverpool; everyone speaks english; drive on the left; watch British TV & support either Manchester Utd or Liverpool. Politics & nationalism is a very dirty business.

    1. Not as much of a joke as you might think, unification doesn’t have to be a one way process.
      Next, Eire figures this out for itself, has a quiet word with the (Labour when we get it!) govt, and joins the UK.
      Eire and NI are then in the same position as Wales & Scotland, and are generally dealt with as a single block.
      Thereby forcing the geographically-limited misnomered ‘Unionists’ to abide by their name in a more logical fashion.
      Next comes gradual devolution of the block, in the same way as Scotland and Wales with whatever happens next depending on democracy.

      1. Hope your joking, Ireland won t he joining the UK ffs. Ireland wants its forth green field back then the work starts on a socialist 32 county republic.Let’s hope for a bit of help from a UK socialist government led by Jeremy Corbin. Who knows what snowball effect a Corbin government could have all round Europe.

      2. Unification doesn’t have to be one way , I understand your thrust but , considering the appalling history of The British re Ireland then I suspect that most of the population of Eire wouldn’t trust any UK Govt with a barge pole . In any case Govts change and once ” in ” they would be subject to the whims of any such Govt. Lets not kid ourselves that they would have any equal say in the ” democracy ” .
        It’s rather like having a border division between North Wales and South Wales , unthinkable and untenable.

        The only long term answer is for re-unification restoring Ireland to what is was before ,we the Brits, invaded it and split it asunder .

  5. The hard right needs a rock hard Brexit so they can ditch employment and environmental laws (they said so) and avoid their taxes free from the regulatory restrictions of the EU. So unless you are certain of a Labour government and that it would be re-elected every 5 years despite all the lost revenue from leaving, for God’s sack chose a 2nd referendum and vote Remain.

    1. Except being in the EU means forcing every citizen to pay tax towards the EU. It’s not free and it’s why Juncker can afford his huge salary, bonuses and nice bottles of wine. All of that and the added bonus too, that we can’t vote for him. Him and his fellow bureaucrats are non-electable and unaccountable.

      Pay some money and get a little bit less back in return. People seem to like that arrangement.

      1. UK isn’t in the Eurozone, again I believe for domestic ‘ruling class’ and other vested interest reasons, but this conversation with Prof Richard Werner at the recent Rhodes Forum gives some food for thought on banks and central banks for those not familiar with him and his work. There is also a film made of his book Princes of the Yen that gives a bigger picture of how the major financial institutions are used to restructure economies and societies.
        It’s a long one 1 hour plus but well worth watching. Banking is often left out in discussions and I think we need to correct that.

      2. 203,000 euros for any MEP losing seat !
        303 euros for every day at an EU Parley – no receipts needed !
        How much corruption & ‘lost’ money ?

        Airmen in WWII had a 40-day life expectancy AND went up to fight for our freedom !!!
        Now we might give it over to the EU and their Corporate paymasters !!!
        Stuff Junkers, Tusk, Barnier, Macron, Merkel, Jean Monnet and the Spinelli EU Federalists.

        Read Gisela Stuart’s conversion from very pro-EU and representing the UK on the Constitution Treaty Committee to Chairing the LEAVE Campaign due to that 16 month Constitution Treaty Committee experience – NB Barnier was on that committee !

    2. jrchappell, in response, and at the risk of plagiarising my own, tentative comments in the ‘Crass’ thread:

      DMcN’s words (this AM, on the “crass” thread) are an important reminder of what we have become: a de-regulated and unsustainable casino. For the Left, the justification for the leaving of the EU, is predicated on a socialist government – and governments (together with their policies) tend to come and go (as you point out); whereas EU policies have a tendency to become enshrined. This poses a dilemma for both leavers and remainers.

      Left leaning remainers/2nd referendum supporters have, therefore, to consider the considerable difficulties posed by a remain and reform stance. If and it’s a massive if, the EU were to inch to the Left then it would likely remain there, but how likely is that?

      The current Labour position appears to offer a compromise with “a customs union” deal.

      However, for Left leaning Brexit supporters the nature of any Customs Union agreement will be absolutely critical. If it turns out to be a Turkey type deal, that could well mean pretty bad news for any really substantive and genuinely committed implementation of the LP manifesto. It also, ironically, happens to be the least preferred option of the CBI.

      And then there’s Paul’s much earlier comments on the ethics, mechanics and likelihood of a 2nd referendum. That pips it for me. I voted remain, but I support leave. Now, it’s all about the nature of the deal.

      Apologies if this sounds familiar to some – busy old SkwawkB – I can’t keep up with you.

  6. It’s all a dream.

    The DUP plus the Europhobic Ultras arenta enough to rock anyone’s boat. I don’t know why this is so hard for some to grasp.

    And The DUP, while they loathe May, loathe Corbyn more. So they won’t forget an election either.

    They’ll just do what they’d always done: take the Big Bribe, and vote with the tories. Oh, and while a bit.

    As for the Irish asking to be subject to Westminster again … I really hope that was just Russian Trolls, as the Irish have much more sense.

    1. May’s fall won’t force a GE, so the DUP can bring her down without worrying about one

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