SNP fails to deny May’s “IndyRef2 for abstention” offer

On Monday, SNP First Minister Nicola Sturgeon met Theresa May and tweeted afterward:

sturgeon may.png

However, rumours are circulating in certain corners of Westminster and Holyrood that Theresa May did much more than give Ms Sturgeon an ‘update’ – that instead she offered the SNP leader a deal: a second independence referendum in return for abstentions by SNP MPs when May’s Brexit ‘deal’ eventually limps into the Commons chamber for MPs to vote whether to accept or reject it.

May is thought to be making a desperate attempt to offset the inevitable loss of DUP support that would follow a compromise with the EU on the Irish border question, even though the move would trigger yet more chaos in Tory ranks.

The SNP was asked early on Tuesday afternoon to answer whether there is any substance to the rumours. More than twenty-four hours later and in spite of several reminders, it has failed to make the simple denial that would put the rumours to bed.

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  1. I can’t find one other instance of reporting on this rumour, does only the Skwawkbox know about it?

  2. My guess is that this a load of piffle.

    Sturgeon isn’t fool enough to believe any promise from May, for a start, and SNP MPs will never abstain on a deal that so obviously farts on everything they’ve been arguing for years.

    Whoever peddled this story has no understanding of Scotland or the SNP. And a pretty thin hold on Westminster realities.

    No denials? No, because the SNP loves to watch the Westminster Bubble fill with methane.

    And if they had denied it, it wouldn’t “put the rumours to bed”, it would amplify them: “Ha!They’re denying it! Must be true”

    Really, Skwawkbox, your hatred of the SNP and Sturgeon has clouded your usually astute assessment of rumours.

    (And yes, in the extremely unlikely event that the rumours are true, I’ll eat my Mars Bar, or some other form of humble pie)

    1. Actually, I wouldn’t be too sure. Sturgeon is as Neoconservative as May.

      1. You really should pay more attention to what the nats actually say and do rather than what other parties say about them.

      2. Sturgeon peddles the Single Market, i.e. compulsory privatisation!

  3. On the contrary, Mr Heenan, abstention is one of the SNP’s favourite votes, they use it on occasions which are too numerous to mention, and given that they are Tartan Tories, I would think there is a very strong likelihood that this information is, in fact, true. Let’s look at the evidence – support for the SNP is in steep decline now, as is support for independence. Nicola Sturgeon is desperate to keep the question of indyref2 on the table, and will do anything and everything possible to make sure that happens, after all, it provides a welcome distraction from her point of view, to the mess the SNP are making of the Scottish economy by way of their use of austerity plus plus on Scotland. The people of Scotland have had enough of the one subject and one policy SNP and are now leaving in their droves, especially the young people. I noticed at the recent SNP Conference there was a distinct lack of numbers of young people. The SNP have previously abstained in Holyrood on giving public sector workers a real terms pay rise, they previously abstained on fracking, they abstained when Theresa May came to Parliament the very next day after calling last’s year’s election and gave Parliament the opportunity to vote as to whether or not to proceed with that general election. The SNP were the ONLY ONES WHO ABSTAINED on that vote. In other words, the SNP ABSTAINED on getting rid of the cruelest, most vile, most corrupt and most murderous and fascist government Britain has ever known. Whatever you think of the SNP, that action of ABSTAINING on that vote is UNFORGIVABLE WHILE SO MANY ORDINARY WORKING PEOPLE ARE BEING FORCED INTO DESTITUTION AND STARVATION. SHAME ON THE SNP, WE NEED THE SNP OUT EVERY BIT AS MUCH AS BRITAIN NEEDS THE TORIES OUT. The ONLY VOTE WHICH HAS EVER GUARANTEED, AND WILL ALWAYS GUARANTEE GETTING RID OF THE TORIES IS TO VOTE LABOUR ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BORDER, AND BRITAIN IS DESPERATE FOR A LABOUR GOVERNMENT.

    1. I won’t go through all your drivel as it would take to long to correct, so I will just show you one point, you call the SNP Tartan Tories, this myth was debunked years ago, it wasn’t the SNP who gave Thatcher the keys to Downing Street. That is merely a convenient lie to explain tribalism. This is the short version of the truth, done as a question and answers.

      1) Did the SNP instigate the vote of no confidence before the Tories?

      Answer : YES

      2) Why did the SNP instigate the vote of no confidence?

      Answer : The Labour Party introduced a 40% rule 2 weeks before Scotland’s devolution vote, a dirty rule never been applied before or since, and where 35 Labour MPS backed. Without this rule Scotland voted YES to devolution, this skullduggery by the Labour Party left Scotland more vulnerable to the following 18 years of Thatcher

      3) Should the SNP or any Party vote against their own proposal?

      Answer : NO

      4) Did the Callaghan government winter of discontentment cause millions shear misery?

      Answer : YES

      5) Did Callaghan blame the SNP or his own backbenchers for bringing a Thatcher government?

      Answer : Not once in his memoirs was the SNP mentioned, his own Party was mentioned numerous times.

      6) Imagine the SNP do not exist, would Thatcher have still won the General Election.

      Answer : YES England overwhelmingly voted Tory that year, another example of Scotland’s vote making no difference.

      7) Why do the Labour Party say it was 11 SNP MPS out of 650 MPS blame for bringing in a Thatcher government?

      Answer : Obviously no one would especially in Scotland take the blame of bringing in Thatcher, so the SNP with zero media voice was an easy target, also the present-day supporters of the Labour Party are EEJITS…..simple really.

      8) Who caused the Thatcher government going by the evidence.

      Answer : The Labour Party.

    2. You are so right Nicola, although I live in England my family are in Ayrshire & my hubby calls her the poison dwarf as do the family. She like Blair are closet Tories.

  4. TRUE! Very true. AND Sinn Fein are planning to kybosh this deal and take their seats for once and only unless they get THEIR referendum an unified Ireland. REALLY.

  5. SNP are a ‘Nationalist’ Party. They claim that they are progressive & many claim to be ‘left wing’. Nationalism in all its forms is dangerous.

    1. Jeezo you miss the obvious, British nationalism is a form of nationalism. Ask yourself why most Scottish socialists support indy, even Corbyns chum Yanis Varoufakis, see what he says about Scottish independence & the left in Scotland because what you have said is dangerous

    2. really so all the other wee countrys that are now independent and free and prospering are DANGEROUS????

    3. It’s civic nationalism in Scotland. We don’t want to harm anyone, we don’t hate anyone. We just want to make our own decisions. British nationalism however is of the uglier kind.

    4. What politically illiterate nonsense You clearly have no understanding of the independence movement in Scotland, which is far broader than simply the SNP and is clearly an open, inclusive and progressive expression of the divergence of direction from Westminster and determination to reflect that difference by breaking away from a political system which has failed to deliver on its promises for generations.
      Scotland’s population is much more politically astute, aware and engaged than you comprehend and our politics in real terms is far less nationalistic than that currently being displayed in the rest of the UK.
      The SNP Scotgov of the last decade has shown itself to be much more progressive than Westminster. You only have to look at its policies, something which you appear to be entirely ignorant of.

  6. Steve, Steve, – sigh. SNP IS progressive and many of us ARE, left wing. Catalonian nationalism, Irish nationalism, Finnish nationalism, damn it all, Swiss nationalism – were they or are they all at heart dangerous?Please don’t fall for the soundbites put out by the jingoistic British main stream media.

    1. Nationalists put the interests of their own nations above the interests of other nations – I believe in International socialism so I’m agin’ it.
      Class not nation.

      Great to hear the Celtic/Rangers thing is no longer a problem though.

  7. This brings to mind a comedy sketch I once saw on television (which I wish I hadn’t seen) where Ruth Davidson and Nicola Sturgeon are sharing a lift. It was supposed to be funny…

    It was set up for Red Nose Day or another charity event. But the sketch was horrifying for one reason – both acted the part perfectly, adopting a persona with the skill of an Oscar winning actress.

    They also shared the same physical space in a way that betrayed their political common ground.

  8. Good tactic by May – if the SNP are stupid enough to beIieve her it could happen. They would obviously be betrayed in some way unless the Tories felt they can only keep Corbyn out by losing Scotland.

  9. Surely Nicola S is not that gullable to believe promisis from somebody who is clinging on to her politiclal life like TM is.
    We’ve heard stuff like this before

  10. The mess that the Tories have got into is their own making. Where is the outrage that the DUP is allowing them to Govern? The SNP’s fundamental aim is Independence so doing the Labour thing and abstaining in order to get another referendum shouldn’t come as a shock they are only doing what they have been elected to do and by a far bigger mandate than any Westminster Leader has ever been able to achieve.

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