Breaking: Momentum/CLPD agree joint slate


Momentum and CLPD, who had put forward separate slates for Labour’s National Constitutional Committee elections, have agreed a joint slate of candidates.

The slate consists of the full original CLPD slate (of which three candidates were also on Momentum’s) previously announced – including JVL’s Stephen Marks – plus Susan Press from the Momentum slate to replace Kaneez Akhtar, who had stepped down.

Momentum have issued a statement on the agreement:

Following our call to reopen negotiations, we’re happy to announce a joint list of candidates backed by Momentum and CLPD.

We feel this compromise reflects the concerns of the broad left across the Labour movement.

The candidates are: Cecile Wright, Khaled Moyeed, Annabelle Harle, Susan Press, Stephen Marks and Gary Heather.

There has also been joint agreement to back Jabran Hussain, a BAME solicitor-advocate from Bradford who joined the party when he was 16, in next year’s NCC election to further improve geographical and racial diversity on the NCC. Jabran offered to stand aside this time in the interests of having a united left slate and is giving his full support to the new joint slate.

The repeated frustrations, criticisms and failures of the CLGA process show that it must be reformed. We need a more transparent, open process that members can engage with. This is crucial if we are to gain agreement across the left and back candidates that are popular with the members.

Confirmation from the other Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance members is anticipated imminently.

Nominations for the contest close 28 October and must be moved and nominated in the usual way at a full general meeting of each CLP (constituency Labour party) at a meeting arranged, where possible, at least seven days in advance. Nominations can be made from the floor.

Candidates must be nominated by their home CLP and at least four others to make the final ballot. The SKWAWKBOX is clarifying the process for the final ballot.

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  1. This is even more confusing! Sonia Klein was on the previous CLPD list so why has she been dropped in favour of Susan Press?

    Has Lansman been up to his tricks again?

    1. I glossed over that, just pleased it appears a left slate has been agreed. Time will tell.

  2. Good news.

    It’s a great pity that this slate couldn’t have been agreed earlier… divisiveness and spin fomenting distrust is the last thing LP needs now.

    I will be interested to see how the next election involving similar parties goes… agreeing a left slate will be a smooth process I trust!

    1. Meh, on internal elections and wrngling I think the general public are barely aware of such things and care less. I agree that we should talk and compromise more with fellow travellers on the left, but it has always been this way.

      Our own very public squabbles have in the past helped the rightwing more than their virtues, such as they are perceived to be…

  3. Quite right too.

    Lansman must have shat himself at the outcry from his last stunt.

    People are watching, Jon.

  4. Lansman is threatened with a massive backlash and suddenly peace and reconciliation break out. But let us not kid ourselves, he is temporarily cowed, not tamed.
    Delenda est Lansman.

  5. See what happens when we talk instead of merely walking away in a huff? Even us lefties can find a way to compromise when it is daft not to…

  6. Common sense at last as a divided left would only lead to gains by the Labour Right.
    I am a rank and file Momemtum, CLPD, and Labour Representation Commiitte member but these slates were decided top down and none of the 3 organisations asked us!
    We need a more democratic system OMOV for choosing a left NEC slate etc.
    Those at the top who some may argue have bourgeois traits (they take the power for themselves and want to be on the top table) need to learn to let go.
    The words of the democratic revolution under JC should perhaps be Grassroots, Bottom up, Participatory, and Honesty?

    1. I’m not sure that the left should be voting on the slate before voting again for the candidates; more bureaucracy and time wasted.
      But the left should be voting for the people who choose the slate. What right has any non-elected officer got to decide who will carry the torch?

      1. Excellent comment totally agree , trust the membership , simple really as without us there would be NO Momentum or CLPD etc .
        Same as the NEC Open Selection sticth up , we have RW Blue LP MPs to get rid of in the Party and we need the tools to do it , but Unite and Mom didn’t trust us with the tools to do the job ….

      2. Disagree Andrew, perhaps what is bureacracy 2 u is democracy 2 orhers and all u need 2 do is read statements, question candidates if u wish, and vote. It could be argued those at the top think they are adults & we r children and perhaps some seem 2 b saying – “No fellow children the adults know best!”
        Take the grassroots power!

      3. Momentum members do vote for who they want on the Momentum executive committee or whatever it’s called then the executive committee then decides on the slate Momentum back.

    1. That was probably the plan: Peace now, but the damage is done.

      Interestingly, the one thing Left Wing politicians can never recover from, is being caught putting a personal agenda first.

      There may trouble ahead … and someone may have to face the music.

      1. … and dance – perhaps, on a new series of ‘Strictly…’
        Or should it be ‘Love Island’?

    1. Good to think positive Tom, but I’m waiting for the NCC final result; the current rules don’t offer the chance of a decider during injury time.

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