Video: Failing Grayling gets a ‘warm’ Scouse welcome in Liverpool

grayling squirm.png
Grayling squirming his way through Liverpool Lime Street station

Useless Transport Secretary Chris Grayling – who has presided over scandals, squirmed over Russian donations to his party and is very familiar with what it’s like to be ‘owned‘ by his opposite number Andy McDonald – must have had a similar sinking feeling when he arrived in Liverpool this morning for a meeting with rail union RMT.

Grayling and his entourage met with a ‘warm Scouse welcome’ – as described by the Twitter account of a local constituency Labour party – to remind him that he was arriving in the reddest city in the country and one that is well aware of his own ample personal and professional failings:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

Scousers don’t suffer Tories gladly. Thanks to the incompetence of Grayling and the government of which he is part, the rest of the country is increasingly catching up.

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  1. mr grayling and his tory ilk probably love the protests. It gives them the chance to show “the stiff upper lip” and march on through regardless.

    Might it be better to ignore them as they come through? let them be greeted by total silence and backs turned as they arrive?

  2. Silence ? Never, Shout ( every time), ” I’m as mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore “

  3. Impossible. I think you’ll find that stiff upper lip and vapid grin are mutually exclusive.

  4. What I thought was interesting was the way he waved and smiled.He was assuming, I imagine,that the BBC etc would manipulate it to present it as cheering crowds greeting him.

  5. Just surprised there weren’t more protesters there and he didn’t get “egged”

  6. Grinning imbecile.

    EVERYTHING grayling’s run (And outsourced) has turned to shite almost instantly.

    From Universal Credit and workfare, to the judicial system and prisons & probation service, to transport and that’s peripherals; each and every one run down to the point of being FUBAR because the f***ing nincompoop thinks he’s some faux hard man. A thatcher wannabe who thinks he can sell off everything and take on the unions – but has his arse handed to him time after time after time.

    Has there EVER been a more incompetent, imbecilic failure, EVER?

    Not that I can think of.

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