CLPD-backed NCC candidate drops out but comments don’t add up

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CLPD-backed NCC candidate Kaneez Akhtar has stepped down from the election, citing a wish for unity.

However, some of the commentary around her decision does not add up. LabourList surmised:

The statement implicitly agrees with the criticism levelled at the CLPD slate by Jon Lansman and other members of Labour’s national executive committee (NEC) yesterday.

After CLPD surprised Momentum by announcing its own set of endorsements, which has led to two Corbynite slates for the NCC, the Momentum chief pointed out that the rival left-wing group’s choices were not regionally diverse. “Half of CLPD’s slate live in London or the South East. So do 3 out of 4 of the existing CLP reps,” Lansman tweeted.

Akhtar is based in Bradford. So we’re apparently to believe that a northern candidate dropped out because there weren’t enough northern candidates on the CLPD slate.

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  1. Sorry, whatever the reason I’m with Lansman on this. Labour’s got itself all tied up with ethnic diversity which shouldn’t matter in a Socialist party as all are held equal. Meanwhile, it doesn’t equally represent the regions.

    1. Same as with all women shortlists we need to move totally away from the dominance of white males and that means making sure our reps are representative of society and geography

      1. Many thanks, Maria, for this very important statement from CLPD which spells out the truth of the situation in no uncertain terms. I’m assuming that SkwawkB will head this up shortly.

  2. Some more equal than others, apart from representatives of the ‘Northern Community’ (whatever that is?), but then representatives of the Islington/Westminster Set are always ‘over represented’? All roads lead to London, as does all investment.

    1. I think we have enough problems with divisions on ideological grounds without messages like this trying to create them on geography.

  3. CLPD has made it abundantly clear on their web site that this whole furore was caused by Lansman’s manic determination to oppose the inclusion on the slate of a moderate non Zionist Jew.
    This man will tear the Party apart before he is finished.

    1. Especially if there is a Jew on the NCC that supports Palestine and BDS.

  4. What on earth is going on? It reads like Lansman is wielding too much power. I have a bad feeling about his rise to power and increasing influence over any decision especially when it comes to jewish matters.

    1. I agree I have had a question mark over him for some time. I think he has visions beyond his abilities to meet them meanwhile destroying what peace there is in the party.

  5. The whole situation is becoming farcical and the Right are probably getting excited and can’t believe the luck they are being gifted with by the bourgeois socialist traits of Willsman v Lansman (though being disciplined I voted for both in the NEC slate).
    What we are witnessing is the rise of the super activists but sadly the ones who although decent socialists feel the need to take the power for themselves and to be on the top table.
    But you need to listen to me; it was me at the first National Momentum Conference workshop in B’Ham a few years ago who drew from history (and Tony Benn’s by -election campaign in Chesterfield in the 1980’s) and said we needed to learn from history and like Benn, our best and only hope was to get Jeremy out direct to the people; and the rest is history.
    So what we need is a system for the grassroots left OMOV to select the left NEC JC9 and the JC NCC6 and I have posted ideas on this.
    We simply need to start practising the left wing democratic socialism that we want for society on ourselves first as an example to diverse working people around the World.
    Do it or the project could disintegrate, come on brothers and sisters – We have a World to Win! Solidarity!
    PS -Skwawky- have just retired (so have just been warming up) so soon my old email address will finish so please accept – Bazza 53, oh and am I the only one but I think Skwawkbox would be a good bloke to have a pint with Ha! Ha!

    1. Congrats, Bazza!
      Decided I wasn’t fat enough in ’14 so I retired early.
      That fixed it 🙂

  6. I find Mr Lansman’s attitude totally unacceptable and determined by his ego. I want our friend from the JVL to be on the slate.

    1. So, if you haven’t already, well worth a quick look at Maria’s CLDP link as well as the previous thread Sabine – it has to be the CLPD slate for me from this juncture on.

  7. I suggested anyone in any local group of Momentum/Grassroots Labour around the country who was interested on being on the Left NEC slate/Left NCC slate could put in a statement of 500 words to the local group on their IDEAS on what they could offer for the left NEC slate and then as part of a Momentum/Grassroots Labour meeting there could be a hustings and a vote but non-attendees would have 2 weeks to vote on-line or by post (if no computer) so branches could (a) nominate one person (from each local group in a region) or (b) not nominate or (c) nominate someone from another Momentum group?
    Then all the nominees statements are put on the National Momentum Website (same process for Grassroots Labour) and people have 2 weeks to question candidates on-line before a national OMOV election.
    Of course an ideal would be to get all what 20 candidates in a room and all 40,000 of us to question them but because of geography this is impractical.
    But I am different from some on the left who may be perhaps be too precious about their ideas, these are only my first thoughts and I would WELCOME suggestions to enrich these ideas!
    This gives every Momentum/Grassroots Labour member from ALL regions i.e. YOU! who may be interested a chance.
    Let left wing democratic socialist ideas and voting on thier IDEAS rule!

  8. Spuriouser and spuriouser.

    This from Labour List:
    “The official Momentum account on Twitter backed up Lansman’s criticisms, warning that the CLPD’s decision would “risk splitting the left vote” and “making the NCC even more London-centric”.”

    What would it matter if every single member of the NCC were London based when the job is disciplinary procedures and misconduct hearings?
    I see no regional component to policing the membership.
    I think my mind is approaching final made-uppedness – Lansman appears to be full of shit.

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