JVL member’s excoriating letter to Guardian editor re antisemitism ‘subversion’

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The beginning of Dr Felicity Laurence’s letter to the Guardian’s editor

Jewish Voice for Labour member Felicity Laurence has written to Guardian editor Katharine Viner about her paper’s dire reporting on the issue of antisemitism in the Labour Party.

A link to the letter was sent to the SKWAWKBOX by her friend, Rosie Brocklehurst, who is an officer of Hastings & Rye constituency Labour party:

Dr Felicity Laurence is a friend. She would not ever blow her own trumpet, but I can say she is a world-renowned academic of vocal music and choristry and well-connected. She has not joined Labour (or any Party) but she has been active in supporting Jeremy Corbyn and in supporting refugees, a cause close to his heart. She is a lead organiser in the City of Sanctuary movement, and has recently helped promote the photos of her friend, the photographer Giles Dooley whose UN-commissioned images of Lesbos refugees have not only been seen around the world but changed lives. Giles lost both legs and one arm after treading on a landmine in a war zone.

Last week Felicity, a grandmother, rescued a refugee who had gone into labour, took her to hospital in a taxi and helped deliver the baby into the mother’s arms. She is one among hundreds of thousands of extraordinary people who quietly work away for justice, human rights and who support Jeremy Corbyn and his policies. Felicity is Jewish. She supports JVL. She has written to the Guardian’s editor, incensed at the way the paper has behaved.

The full letter references the recent academic study that exposed ninety-five failures by the ‘MSM’ to perform even the basics of good journalistic practice but found the ‘new left media’ to have been streets ahead in their handling of the issue. It also excoriates Viner and the Guardian and accuses the paper of sensationalism and of abandoning even “simple fact-checking” in its treatment of the issue. It can be read here.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Katharine Viner for comment. She opted not to comment, but the following statement was received from the Guardian’s press office:

The issue of antisemitism is a divisive and challenging topic to report on, but we need to cover the story and do take accusations of anti-semitism seriously. As the report notes, The Guardian has featured a wide range of voices in this debate – including Jeremy Corbyn himself – we have also published a variety of perspectives on the subject through our comment and letters pages, listened carefully to reader comments about our coverage, and published a number of pieces from the independent readers’ editor about the issue.

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  1. “we have also published a variety of perspectives”
    To be fair to the Guardian, they have taken a variety of perspectives; from “Corbyn is a Neo-Nazi”, “Is Corbyn a holocaust denier”, to “how much of an anti-semite is Corbyn”.

  2. I thought Katharine Viner was once a Rachel Corrie supporter. How could she corrupt herself like that, I mean is that what power does to people? Comon Katherine, come back to sanity, Corrie showed you the way of courage and humanity, follow it.

    1. Viner was editor of Cosmopolitan magazine,I think that tells you all you need to know about her,that and her performance as Guardian editor.

  3. So The Guardian has provided a statement on antisemitism. Could you ask them for a statement that addresses fact-checking, inaccuracies, baseless assertions and sensationalism?

  4. The Guardian has no wish to be ‘saved’, it is where it is through choice. I assume that choice is driven by a marketing strategy and financial projections, though to past readers like myself, I’ll looks like suicide. I can only plead with people, never buy the paper or click on their website. They are the enemy.

  5. Strong letter and good on those writing to Guardian, BBC, Channel 4 etc. complaining. I doubt the Guardian will apologise.

    On the subject of ‘fake news’ this event on November 4th in Lincoln may be of interest to some.
    “Scrutinising the media: Fake news, censorship, and war”
    I don’t know what the fee is or if there is one I’m afraid. Email contact for further details included in the link for those interested.

  6. Low light of coverage for me was Channel 4 news reporting from Prestwich in Manchester
    Talking yo a young girl and her father, reporter asked young girl why she was frightened
    Because of what Jeremy Corbyn says about Jews
    No follow up to find out what that was it was just accepted verbatim
    My question is
    Nothing happens by chance, we expect it from far right media
    But how does it infiltrate BBC Channel 4 and Guardian

  7. I am not an officer of Hastings CLP by the way but was Procedures Secretary at our parliamentary selection earlier in the year. It was an onerous job and took many hours and much methodical work. Peter Chowney, is now the PPC in this marginal constituency where Amber Rudd is the MP. Peter is leader of Hastings Borough Council – a wise leader, calm and very kind. A great bloke, one of the few council leaders back in 2015 to support Jeremy. Rosie aka PoetryMuseum

  8. The Guardian exists to prevent Democratic Socialism. It is forced to wear a disguise since most of its readership want Democratic Socialism.

  9. The Guardian’s disgraceful bias seems deliberate, I am not surprised they refuse to apologise and improve their reporting. They only accelerate their own decline, which is a shame for the decent journalists not involved in the antisemitic smears.

  10. No! The Manchester ‘Groniad’ has always been a Liberal Party wolf in sheep’s clothing. It has always actively fought against any kind of Socialism (see Michael Foot) & now only interested in ‘identity politics’. Their contempt for the working class is comparable to the BBC & Channel 4 & for the same reasons. The class war is over.

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