Excl: NEC to ban phones and absentee dial-ins from NEC meetings

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The SKWAWKBOX has learned that Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) plans to ban members from bringing phones into meetings, after recent issues with some members briefing to hostile media – including outright false claims about arguments and topics discussed.

The NEC also intends to end the practice of absentee members dialling in remotely to participate in meetings, following the illicit recording and subsequent leaking and media misrepresentation of comments by veteran NEC member Peter Willsman by someone who was dialling into the meeting.

After recent abusive manoeuvres by the Labour right, the move will broadly be welcomed.

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  1. With spy cameras a tenner on ebay people in public life really should know better by now than to say anything in private that they wouldn’t say in public.

  2. It’s not the same I know, but MP John Mann’s propaganda could not have been neutralised without mobile phone footage of his meeting.

    Meetings should be filmed and available to watch. There should be no secrecy.

  3. Yes. and the odious perpetrator get’s away with it Scott free?
    This is not good enough, there should be an investigation and action taken against this person – this happened at Labour’s top table!
    Many of us think we know who did it and the culprit probably knows we know.
    Meanwhile I hope Labour moves into the 21stC and changes it’s rules to have 2 deputy leaders – one male and one female.

    1. As stated bazza, willsman’s comments were deliberately misrepresented and taken out of context. Both sides can do that quite easily.

      On the flipside, we won’t get as much visual evidence of (for example) mann’s serial gobshitery (New entry for the OED (C) me) if phones are banned.

  4. Get on with more important matters rather than something that works both ways and will be extremely difficult to enforce, ffs.

  5. We currently have a political class, left, right, centre, no matter, who, once they have clawed their way to the top of the greasy pole feel they are not answerable to the great unwashed who put them there. They do their sleazy deals behind locked doors in secret. We need to shine a bright light on them, video them 24/7, not give the bastards more secrecy.
    Corbyn got where he is because we trusted him, he was perceived as being honest, having integrity. McDonnell doesn’t have that, Thornberry doesn’t have it, in fact I can’t think of anybody else who does, with the exception of John Healey.
    If Corbyn loses that trust doing deals for support with the sleaze merchants, then the Labour Party will come crashing down.

  6. John McDonnell is an excellent politician and there’s nothing wrong with Emily Thornberry. Both have been very loyal and supportive of Corbyn. Then again I don’t believe you’re a Socialist Ceredig and you just post on Skwawkbox to cause disruption.

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