The NEC members who could have recorded Willsman comments are a short list

Peter Willsman

When the leaked, 51-second audio of comments by veteran left-wing NEC member – and candidate in the current election for nine members to serve the next two years – Peter Willsman were published yesterday by the Jewish Chronicle (JC), a storm of outrage was whipped up to demand Willsman’s suspension or resignation.

Why the recording was only leaked almost a week after the meeting, when NEC voting has begun and it’s too late to put another left candidate onto the ballot has not been disclosed.

But the narrative used by media and right-wing politicians to frame Willsman’s comments does not match the comments themselves. Here is the recording:

Although an examination of Willsman’s comments reveals that he said nothing untrue or antisemitic, numerous commentators have joined in the pile-on, including some left-wingers who should know better.

Willsman has also been hounded by media, demanding to know whether he will stand down:

In reality, the evidence of Willsman’s actual comments speaks for itself – which means that the most pressing matter objectively is the question of who broke faith and confidentiality to record and then leak the comments.

But the recording also narrows the range of possible perpetrators – because it is obvious from the audio that it was recorded from a speaker rather than in person. In other words, whoever made the recording was ‘dialling in’ and not on view to the rest of the participants.

So who wasn’t at the meeting in person?

From discussions with an array of people who were at the meeting, a list of just seven NEC members who were dialling into the meeting has been identified. Any one of the names on that list had the opportunity to create a recording, out of sight of other participants, of Willsman’s comments distorted by loudspeaker playback.

No other personnel have been shown to have connected to the meeting remotely. Of the seven names, three essentially self-eliminate because of their solid track record and left credentials, while one probably lacks the calculation required.

Of the remaining three, one name has been mentioned today by several NEC members as being the object of their suspicion.

Labour must investigate immediately to confirm the identity of the perpetrator – and then act decisively.

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  1. So who wasn’t at the meeting in person?

    Izzard weren’t, I see he’s (not long ago) decided to open his gob about it.

    Anyone’d think there wasn’t any advantage or benefit in him doing so…

  2. Yes,immediate suspension is the only possible response to such a breach of confidence.I wonder if the coward responsibly for the release of the recording will have the back bone to admit to it.I will not be holding my breath.

  3. People need to see the wood from the trees. When Blair was unexpectedly handed the Labour leadership, he decided to create a dynasty and proceeded to recruit professionals who’s natural home was the Orange Book Liberal Party. They in turn faced an agonising choice, go into the Third sector, Charity or NGO, or get parachuted into Britain’s second biggest political party without any real commitment to the working class and Labour values. They made their choice and did very well out of it. The problem now is not that they won’t get another job (David Miliband), of course they will, but they will be forever tainted by their duplicity and selfishness….people won’t trust them. Therefore they have entered into a contract with extreme nationalist Israelis in order to inflict as much damage as possible on the Labour party in the hope of removing Jeremy Corbyn, keeping their jobs and reputation and carrying the flag of neoliberal economics and neocon foreign policy.

    1. PS. This is not a battle for the soul of the Labour movement, it’s a battle for the future of the country. Ask yourselves whether you want to live in a managed democracy with a fake third sector praying on poor people or and getting rich in the process or take back control of the Labour movement for the benefit of the working class.

  4. Funnily enough, HA’ARETZ today has an article about ultra religious Jewish Trumpeteers. So I guess HA’ARETZ is also shamefully antisemitic and putting Jews in UK in danger.

  5. Peter Willsman has both my vote and support. He has done absolutely nothing that he needs to apologise for let alone resign.

  6. ‘One probably lacks the calculation required.’
    A sad comment on the quality of our NEC!

  7. Anyone at Chequers releasing a recording to the press would be dismissed whatever their position and the MSM would hail May for taking decisive action.
    Dump the Quisling rat as soon as it’s identified – fairly accurate location of the microphone in the room should be possible for a good sound engineer to determine given sound level comparisons of different known voices and their seating positions.
    Good riddance to whoever it turns out to have been – but I hope it was Izzard.

  8. Sounds like a smartphone on handsfree more than anything else to me and “inaudible” sounds like something’s been edited out.
    GCHQ probably have the whole thing recorded.

  9. 0721 R4 Today John Mann “Jeremy has declared war on the Jewish Community” what now?

    1. That’s Ok. JC will not stop doing what he done his whole life. Work for the many & not a few. A much respected man of truth. Ignore the lies & carry on.

    1. …and if nobody comes forward, (which would be the likely outcome) what then? What about those who are innocent.

    2. Are you a teacher by any chance?
      I ask because I haven’t heard those words since my school days.

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