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Sources inside Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) have given the SKWAWKBOX an exclusive outline of the planned path of today’s meeting regarding the adoption of additional IHRA ‘working definition’ (‘IHRA’) examples – and the anticipated outcome, subject to successful passage by the NEC.

Jeremy Corbyn is delivering a short speech about the Labour Party’s position on free speech, Palestinian rights and the interaction with the (expected) additional IHRA examples – taken from the statement referred to in this blog’s report this morning – then others will contribute on the legal and other aspects before a motion is submitted for the NEC to approve it.

The statement will be underpinned by a new version of the Code of Conduct with strengthened protections – the so-called ‘Code Plus’ – to be agreed at the NEC’s regular meeting on the 18th of this month. This is expected to be broadly as described exclusively in previous SKWAWKBOX analyses.

On this basis, the motion, statement and Code Plus should have enough support to carry, putting the issue to bed from a Labour Party viewpoint.

Labour’s internal and external opponents will, of course, continue to try to exploit the issue and the mainstream media will be as eagerly helpful in that regard as ever – but it will be time for the party to handle its business and accept no further pressure. Those who are serious about protecting Jewish people will focus their attentions on other parties that have not yet adopted adequate policies and systems for dealing with this, or for that matter any other, form of discrimination.

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  1. Hope they will stick a sentence in about the new rules only applying to actions and comments which occur after the rules come into force, or Corbyn’s opponents will be trawling social media and news reports for historical comments which might breach the new code.
    I know this is a staple of our justice system, but the more precise the rules are, the better.

  2. This is the beginning of the end for Corbyn, they will not accept the deviations from the original text, the additions to protect free speech will be contested. The people involved in the smearing of Jeremy will never stop, they are ONLY interested in bringing him down, antisemitism is a side show. We Labour supporters should show our disgust at the smears lies, and organise a protest march through London, against the Press, the right wing Labour MP’s and the right wing Jewish “leaders”.

    1. As we saw in Chicken coup 1., this will only be ‘the end of Corbyn’ if he decides to stand down or his supporters stop supporting. I’m not going anywhere or you ?

      1. The only thing that would make me leave the Labour party would be the demise of Corbyn, instigated by these awful people.

      2. So Steve if JC goes you go too, exactly what the Right wing want.
        Don’t let those without the ideas and those who practice the dark arts win!
        “This conga line needs you!”

  3. Who would have thought that the legacy of the Holocaust; vitally important to remember as it is, would be used as a dirty, manipulative weapon to smear a decent man. These people trash the legacy of the Holocaust.

  4. The coup has had Labour increase its vote in the polls, increase its membership by 23,000, and has led to CLP action against Joan Ryan and Louise Ellman and significant worry for John Mann. Together with the election of the JC9 to the NEC, I am started to get excited about the next #coup!

    1. Jeremy Corbyn should publicly thank Margaret Hodge, Jonathan Sacks, Wes Streeting, John Mann, and the three Jewish newspapers for helping to get the JC9 elected to the NEC!
      But he’s too polite to take the piss. I would.

  5. As lifelong socialists and fighters against racism and discrimination in all its forms it is quite hurtful to have a tiny group of Jewish protesters chant: “Labour Fascists off our streets!” Hmmn.
    If the Far Right was ever to re-emerge in the UK as a serious force it will be Labour members, trade unionists and diverse working people who will be together on the front line confronting the Far Right Barbarians but one wonders where the aforementioned group will be?
    I actually pity them.
    After today Labour should use the broken record technique: “The issue is being addressed” then focus on the issues that are being faced by diverse working people as we are all being hammered by the Tories!
    ‘Veritas shone it’s brightest beam on Labour.
    To find little to cause real fright.
    Now come ye for the Tories.
    And let thy light shine on the darkest night!’

  6. After all the facts the left has produced about the IHRA, it’s faults, fatal weaknesses and its deadening effect on free speech we are supposed to accept this latest lash up, the same way we were expected to accept Hodge getting away with her vile attack scot-free while our good, anti-racist comrades have been fitted up and thrown out or forced out of the party after party inquisitions, even police interviews! How is it that the left has the numbers and the votes but the right still dictates to us? Who is letting us down comrades?

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