Do the hokey-cokey – IHRA examples back on the agenda, with ‘statement’ on free speech

And shake it all about… the IHRA ‘working definition’ examples are back on the agenda for today’s NEC meeting, after members were told just yesterday they’d only be receiving a verbal update from the antisemitism working group.

NEC members have been told this morning that they will be asked to agree the examples – along with a statement protecting free speech, which the SKWAWKBOX will bring its readers as soon as possible.

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  1. Enough already. In true democratic nature why not ask the membership. Those representing me on the NEC have never consulted me.

  2. Presumably we have to have an agreed definition that suits ALL jews in the Labour Party, not just Pro-Israeli or Zionists. The JVL and JSG need appropriate consultatio and supporters of Palestinian Human Rights can’t possibly be happy with any definition that it ultimately racist!

  3. Taking this kind of decision on the last meeting knowing the NEC members are going to change is a shamful spectacle. Not only this topic shouldn’t be in the agenda according to the NEC own rule, but so close to the conference the labour leadership should at least wait to consulte and have a feeling about what the members have to say about it. Once again, too much power in so few hands, even well disposed is futile and a danger for real change.

  4. What needs to be made utterly clear is: We will speak up against violations of human rights, genocide and oppression and such like regardless of who perpetrates these. If those behaving in such a way don’t like people standing up and be counted then that is their problem.
    Having grown up in the country who killed swathes of people, Jewish people included, and where that was possible because many looked away for whatever reasons, my generation learned from it that these atrocities cannot ever be allowed to happen again.
    So we will stand up and be counted. If Israel – the state and its protegees don’t like it – tough.

  5. How depressing.

    The horrible truth, is that if coming up to the voting process there was another attack on the Palestinians by Isreal and scores of children were killed it might influence the vote. People have short memories.

    I hope that never happens.

  6. Just to remind everyone, today’s vote has nothing to do with antisemitism but everything to do with the racist apartheid state of Israel. I will say it now and repeat it as often as it’s needed. now come and get me, i’ll be waiting for you right wing bullies and other corrupted thugs

  7. Asa Winstanley:- “One of the pro-Israel Lobby’s most important bodies was quite frank about that fact this week. In a long, boring and arrogant letter to Labour’s General Secretary Jennie Formby (another strong supporter of Palestinian rights), the Jewish Leadership Council stated quite openly that it will continue with its campaign to smear Labour as “anti-Semitic” until the party commits to a “deep cultural change” towards “Zionism and Israel”. That is the reality of the situation.”

    I believe the banking, corporate, political and ‘ruling class’ establishment are also part of the campaign to try and get rid of Corbyn and throw the movement behind him into disarray. MSM, especially BBC, in UK is the propaganda mouthpiece of the modern imperialistic, exploitative, financialised capitalist ‘ruling classes’ and leads the charge on behalf of those interests which include protecting the Israeli state which is a crucial geostrategic, spying and military asset in the Middle East for the modern western ‘ruling Rentier class’ empire.

    Even if NEC accepted the full IHRA and all examples without ‘protections’ the campaign to unseat Corbyn would not end or abate. When will LP/NEC draw the line in defence of free speech and the oppressed, attacked, misrepresented, exploited and vulnerable at home and abroad?

    1. 100% with you on all of the above. I do wonder where the current thrust of opinion on the SB leaves all those Corbyn supporting groups, in particular Jewish groups as typified by the JVL, that strongly supported the initial NEC code of conduct, the first one produced under Jenny Formby’s watch – feels like a lifetime ago!

      1. Nice point Alan but it’s the ToryGuardianGraph , time to flush the toilet I think ;-(

  8. Geoffrey Robertson QC regularly appears in the media to discuss human rights issues. But he has not appeared in the media much to discuss his critique of the IHRA definition of anti-semitism.

    In fact, he appears to have become about as welcome to the MSM as Donald Trump at a John McCain memorial event.

    Anyway, here’s the article. Well worth reading. It includes the ability to download the whole opinion.


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