Breaking: reports suggest clean sweep for JC nine – yes nine


Unconfirmed reports suggest the left slate has won another clean sweep in the elections for Labour’s National Executive Committee, taking all nine positions.

The formal announcement of the result is expected around 2pm. If confirmed, it will mean that incumbent Peter Willsman has retained his seat in spite of shameful manoeuvres and smears by the right – and will strengthen Jeremy Corbyn’s hand as the party moves to implement whichever ‘democracy review’ recommendations are ratified by this month’s annual conference in Liverpool.

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    1. Yes I certainly wouldn’t have voted for Lansman a week after I had already voted. He’s getting well above himself in terms of where he is taking Momentum. Advice is always welcome, instruction & intervention is not. I left Momentum.

      1. I have cancelled my membership of Momentum & donations until something is done about Lansman. I do not trust him at all.

  1. That’s good. I was quiet confident that the momentum members weren’t as stupide as their leadership wants them to be.

  2. ‘Shameful manoeuvres of the right’. Does that mean you finally concede that Lansman is right wing?

  3. I do hope that Peter Willsman has kept his seat. That would be the most decent outcome for a decent man.

  4. If this is so, then it is not the base or the activists or the swathes of working class people they are embedded with who are wobbly.

    Any wobbling is from the representatives of the left in higher positions.

    I hope this is the result and that it leads to a positive discussion of what kind of left we need to be effective. For the measure of that is not having people with the label “left” in various positions, but actually taking on the Establishment and winning radical change for working people. Despite the ferocious opposition that we all, surely, must have expected.

  5. Great news, bring on mandatory reselection. I’ve got a feeling there’s going to be some serious bawling.

  6. I didn’t vote for Lansman nut I voted for Willsman. You can bet your life if the latter does get elected all hell will break lose from AAS and the likes of Hodges and RW media/politicians which means the IHRA has got to include protection from those who will be calling for his blood.

  7. Does this mean that they take their places in time for the contentious NEC meeting to discuss the inclusion of all “so called” IHRA examples ?

  8. Who, from the choices available at the time, would Mr. Lansman’s opponents here have chosen?
    I don’t know enough about him to be an opponent or a fan so that was a genuine question 🙂
    I hope he comes good anyway – if he supports Jeremy he presumably “dresses left” at least?

  9. This will be another blow to the Blairites! All we need now is mandatory reselection of MPs so the PLP can be taken over as well.

  10. I would advise members to be wary of supporting Momentum choices without doing some research in future. It seems to me that apart from being “pro-Corbyn”, more than a few Momentum candidates are deeply involved in identity politics. It is my opinion that identity politics and factions have done enormous damage to the left and provide ammunition for MSM while factions squabble amongst themselves about gender politics and suchlike. The people the Labour movement are supposed to represent aren’t interested in any of this, they want anti-austerity policies and economic change….Jobs, prospects and housing not political correctness and minority supporting activists.

    1. lundiel,the problem with”identity politics”is when it is undertaken to the exclusion on everything else as with such as Stella Creasy or Yvette Cooper.

  11. Time to grow out of factionalism. If you desert every vaguely left wing group because they make a mistake you’ll end up in a very very small group influencing nothing much. Momentum make mistakes and Lansman does need keeping in check by they do an enormous lot of good work.

    1. You obviously don’t come here often if you think the criticism of Lansman is coming from the right Andrew.

    2. Bloomin’ Eck Andrew. It is about Jon Lansman and the way Momentum is run-autocratically & not democratically, not about coordinating an anti Momentum Campaign. I’ve left and I founded the bloomin’ group with two others in Hastings. Lansman has a particular strategy on anti-Semitism that sees him in the Lion’s Den. This is because Jeremy has a history that is full of trip wires for MSM distortion particularly now the goal posts are being changed by Israel’s government and Labour Friends of Israel. (Not only shuitting down and speech but trying to own the language?. As to Momentum, it has no point if it is not a sleeping giant as I had hoped it would be, and once Momentum members joined Labour when allowed. It does nothing but make errors now. Jon’s advice to Jeremy has been very poor on anti-Semitism from the off, (say sorry all the time for nothing!). and Jeremy too, rather bewildered at the vileness of it all, has been inadequate in dealing with it. And do not be too sure Skwawkbox editorial that the dip in Labour party membership was all rightwingers. We would be stupid to be complacent and self delusional about the effects of the MSM campaign and the mumbly responses of Jeremy. I have defended him and stood up in the I am Spartacus way and will continue, and he has shown resilience, so battered and beaten up metaphorically speaking. Yes I am not surprised he is reeling. But he needs to up his game or make way for a stronger, smarter politician of the left.

      1. Stronger, eh? Show me who fought harder than Jeremy for solid socialist principles for a half-century while the party flirted with the enemy – and I’ll think about it.

        Smarter? Who do you have in mind and where can I read this paragon’s amazing alternative policy and strategy ideas so I can decide for myself whether to switch my allegiance?

        Any such contender has some pretty big shoes to fill in my view.

        Three years of standing up to the massed and co-ordinated opposition of the Tories, the MSM, Israel and a Quisling horde in his own FUCKING party – a degree of opposition no other Labour leader has EVER encountered, much less resisted with quiet dignity and survived… but you want somebody stronger and smarter.

        I know nothing about you other than what you write here but I already suspect your sanity, your perception and your motives.

      2. Its use of language like you use ad the fact that you are blind to what I said that makes me despair about stupidity and factionalism. I do not call saying sorry all the time for something you did not do’ strong ‘ myself.Maybe there is some strategy behind the way the anti Semitism debacle has been handled that we do not understand? Rebuttal has been appalling. If I was handling the PR I would have sat Jeremy down in 2015 as soon as anti-Semitism raised its head as an issue being used to beat us all with and spent a long time listing the trip wires of the past that might be used, and rebutted every single one., By the way you cheeky sod questioning my motives..if you see my posts on here from day one and my financial support for Skwawk, I am the person who was the first in December 2015 to have taken the Sun to IPSO over their front page Court Jezter story and won an apology on the front page from the Sun -and they never apologise! so do not talk about motives to me.

      3. Sincere apologies – I had no idea you were that heroic Pimpernel figure of whom we speak only in hushed tones – whose trumpet you so modestly avoid blowing – I feel the time has come to leap from behind your soubriquet and claim the glory and adulation you so richly deserve.

        While you’re about it could you also name the better-than-Corbyn leader you previously alluded to?

        I’m but a poor blind peasant with little understanding and no PR skills worthy of mention but perhaps I could help his or her cause in some small way?

      1. That “Huh?” just fits everywhere, doesn’t it? 🙂

        Like Bart’s shrug “Uh-er-uh?”

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