One of the most important videos for Labour members to watch this week

Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool is less than a month away and will discuss and vote on a number of important issues, particularly the recommendations of Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘Democracy Review’ (DR), which are due to be discussed by the National Executive Committee (NEC) next week before passing to Conference for ratification.

But one vital step that is not part of the DR recommendation package is what is commonly called ‘mandatory selection’ (MR) – a change to the current practices for selecting and retaining MPs to ensure they remain accountable to their local members instead of, in many cases, essentially having a job for life regardless of their performance.

An important motion is going to Conference this year from ‘Labour International’ CLP (constituency Labour party), proposing MR under the description ‘open selection’. Unions such as the Fire Brigades Union, the “Bakers'” union BFAWU and giant Unite are expected to support MR, so it has a serious chance of passing as long as CLP delegates to Conference get behind it.

What can you do to help? If you’re a conference delegate from your CLP, talk to your members and fellow delegates about the issue and agree to support the motion. If you’re a Labour member but not a delegate, then talk to your fellow members and if necessary call for a CLP meeting to ‘mandate’ your delegates to support it.

And share this, so everyone’s aware of it and why it matters.

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  1. Think about it…

    A Labour Govt. minus all those rats infesting the party right now.

    umunna and his ‘new centrist’ party getting even less seats than ukip!

    Oh yes, indeedy! 🙂

    1. Is the reason they haven’t yet jumped ship that they’re waiting to find out if it passes?
      That they think announcing it at Conference will be a bigger splash – and that everyone will sit in stunned silence – rather than raucous laughter, a sea of mooning arses and – this?

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