Breaking: neither IHRA examples nor Code+ on 4 Sep NEC agenda

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Several NEC members have told the SKWAWKBOX that neither the addition of the remaining ‘IHRA examples‘ to Labour’s Code of Conduct nor the strengthening of protections for free speech and the rights of Palestinians are on the agenda for 4 September – contrary to the confident claims of the mainstream media.

There are in fact two meetings on the 4th – and both of them are ‘extraordinary’. The first is a meeting of the NEC Disputes Panel (the NEC’s disciplinary sub-committee in which any NEC member can participate) aiming to deal with the remaining backlog of antisemitism cases, followed by an extraordinary meeting of the whole NEC specifically to discuss and agree the ‘Democracy Review‘ recommendations to be put forward for ratification by member and union delegates at Labour’s annual conference next month in Liverpool.

No time has been included for other matters and the agenda is being tightly protected.

Of course, attempts might – and are quite likely to – be made to lever them on by means of an emergency motion at the meeting. But as things stand, the issues are on the agenda for the full, pre-Conference NEC meeting taking place 18 Sep. If any attempt is made, it’s essential that the NEC Chair either rule it out until the 18th or that members move the protections at the same time.

A number of NEC members appear convinced that the issues can’t be discussed even on the 18th, because of the standing order specifying three months must elapse – from the last resolution of the Code of Conduct – before the matter can be discussed again, but this is likely to be bypassed.

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  1. Oh, lordy…

    (Waits for the same tired, rehashed, utterly ludicrous and tedious accusations to start flying around a-effing-gain).

  2. I am so pleased the crucial democracy review is scheduled for agreement of recommendations for conference. This is so very important for the party going forward.
    Likewise for dealing, in a separate meeting, with the backlog of anti-Semitism cases.

    I hope attempts to derail the meetings on the 4th are given short shift.

  3. I am told by a very good source that Skwawkbox is not getting things correct always -so there is a danger of dissemination of incorrect information to us who rely on it, which would be really bad as this is what causes confusion. the MSM has been getting get things very wrong! Skwawkbox must not do so, or if it is unsure must weright its commentaryand info with caveats please. Apparently the numbers do not stack up at NEC and IHRA Code + will go through nem com ……..

  4. I mean to say the left numbers do not stack up for the position you and I wanted at the NEC and all the IHRA definitions to the code will go through.

  5. The legacy of suffering being used as a weapon. It’s immoral..

    Right wingers are why I’m a misanthrope.

    1. Ella, I once went to a wonderful meeting in my city on trying to support refugees and asylum seekers more in a difficult environment.
      A local GP (who worked with the most destitute citizens) gave a great talk.
      He told us that in the terrible situation of Nazi concentration camps there were still groups of Jewish people who would go round the other inmates to see if they were ok even in this most horrific of environments they were thinking of others, and he concluded from his life experience: “most people want to be kind.”
      We are the many globally, they are the few!

  6. “…this is likely to be bypass”????? Well if the labour rules can be bypassed like that why bother to make them un the first place? And if so, what real value have the other rules? Including the code+ or code- or whatever other nonsens

  7. Ms Ellman is under the impression that the NEC will be voting on IHRA on the 4th?

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