Video: about to visit his Robben Island cell, May declines to say she didn’t think Mandela a terrorist

may mandela

In an extraordinary video clip released on Tuesday, Theresa May – interviewed by Channel 4’s Michael Crick just before she visited the Robben Island cell in which Nelson Mandela was held for decades – was asked directly by Crick whether, as a young Tory under Margaret Thatcher, she agreed with Thatcher’s opinion that Mandela was a terrorist.

She avoided the question:

It would have been simple enough to say ‘No, of course not’ – but May sidestepped instead and parroted a meaningless soundbite.


May’s evasiveness suggests there must be evidence of her agreement with Thatcher that she is afraid will turn up if she denies it explicitly. Get in touch if you know of it.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, of course, appears in a now-famous picture taken at the time, being escorted away by police with an anti-apartheid sign around his neck.

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  1. Oh dear she just makes me feel ill. She can’t even answer a question straight. Every time she opens her mouth to speak she’s like the Alien in the Men in Black who had to crick (punn not intended) it’s neck to get it’s head straight before it could speak. She truly is the #Maybot. I’m really not sure if she’s human.

  2. Is this real? (Bear with me, I have no TV). Why did she agree to this interview? She’s avoided real interviews with real journalists for years. What went wrong with the Tory media machine that allowed this car crash?

  3. Visiting Mandela’s cell could be expected to generate some positive caring-sharing-Tory bonus points if the cold fish had had the wit to foresee that obvious pitfall.

    She could have said “Yes, one should always support one’s leader. Isn’t it interesting how we’re constantly growing? So much so that the Conservatives are now a much more inclusive party than Labour, especially when you see Mr. Corbyn’s problems with antisemitism!” … big smile … and turned it into a win.

    Only possible explanation for her still being PM is that the rest of them won’t let her quit until they see how Brexit turns out.

  4. Perhaps at their next meeting the Queen could clarify the position for May as to whether or not Nelson Mandela should be regarded as terrorist. The Queen met Mandela several times when he came to the UK and I believe even enjoyed a private dinner with him.
    On each of his visits the Queen appeared to extend a level of personal hospitality towards Mandela that was for instance noticeably absent during the recent visit of May’s idiot friend Trump. I hope that May is not implying that our own dear Queen would consort with terrorists

  5. Yep.

    david ‘Getcha hang mandela t-shirts here!!’ camoron said he ‘disagreed’ with thatcher’s apartheid stance.

    At least he had the brass balls to tell a barefaced whopper about it.

  6. Thought Crick did a decent job on the arl hag, but should’ve pulled her about income from membership fees when it claimed tory membership was rising.

  7. BBC Breakfast posted a video of her doing her granny-shuffle with dancing school children in SA so I posted your video below it.
    Never thought to credit you, sorry. Didn’t occur to me it was impolite until just this minute.

  8. So far the Tories have killed more British citizens than any terrorists. No bombs or bullets were used though; just stress and humiliation. No obvious smoking gun, but the DWP were monitoring the Atos deaths every week.

    120,000 citizens have died from Conservative austerity, 81,000 of those are the sick and disabled.


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