Disappearing posts on left-wing pages. Facebook spokesperson says glitch

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Over the last few days, large numbers of posts have been disappearing from the Facebook pages of NLM (new left media) outlets, often within seconds of publishing.

A Facebook spokesperson told the SKWAWKBOX:

Earlier today we fixed an issue affecting our automated systems that caused some posts to be incorrectly marked as spam. We have restored the posts that were affected and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Some posts have reappeared, leaving publishers with the problem of multiple instances of the same post on their pages. However, others published overnight have disappeared, so the problem has not yet been fully resolved.

Over the last couple of years, left publishers have seen various technical changes affect the visibility of their output on the platform and Facebook has announced changes that may affect the propagation of material from all but a handful of major publishers.

Facebook told this blog that the most recent issue was general and has not just affected left-wing pages. However, it’s a timely reminder of the importance of the left developing alternative channels in case of future political attempts to curtail the reach of their information to the public – a scenario that many activists consider inevitable as independent news read via social media platforms continues to reshape the political landscape.

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  1. I noticed that Skwawkbox received a fleeting mention from Mark Urban on last night’s Newsnight.

    1. Was it a complementary one Jack?I ‘m afraid I abandoned Newsnight, and the BBC generally,some time ago,so I didn’t see it myself.

      1. The context was Jeremy’s media lecture yesterday and Urban was speaking to Owen Jones when he just mentioned in passing, Skwawkbox as an example of the left media, neither complimentary or otherwise.

      2. Yes Jack. Did you notice how Urban was trying hard to be Mr-in-the-Middle but the body language told it all as they were both turned to face Owen as it came down to the usual two right wingers against a left winger. It’s called a debate but it’s always a one sided one.

  2. My posts used to disappear from the Guardian, then they disappeared from the Independent…..Lexitor arguments not welcome in UK media.

  3. Recently had my Facebook account deleted ‘Unusual Activity’. Changed e mail address & started again – same action, deleted account. I must try not to be so critical of Israel; USA or British Gov’t. Freedom of Speech denied on Facebook or am I really a Russian agent? Looks like I’ve been found out, probably!

  4. For weeks now I have not been able to post anything by “Veteran’s Today” a US website very critical of the US Govt. & Trump – always registers as “Spam” – good website, worth reading!

  5. Skwawkbox posts not showing on my F/B page but I am still receiving the material via emails.

  6. The UK right learned at least one thing from the Trunt campaign – calling any criticism ‘fake news’, while not convincing a single Democrat or democrat, works with enough of the less educated to put a crooked moron in the White House – so it might as easily keep May in Downing Street.

    Even murderers never believe themselves evil.
    They can always find some justification in their own minds, as the right tell themselves that keeping Corbyn out of government is more important than democracy itself.
    Evil deeds become virtuous in the name of protecting the child-like electorate from voting for the ruinous Left.

    Carillion, Brexit, NHS collapse, Council bankruptcies, 100,000+ preventable deaths, homeless and hungry children – all regrettable of course but justifiable in the name of keeping the antisemitic Anti-Christ out of Number 10 and the strong, stable, financially competent and thoroughly nice Tories in ̶c̶l̶o̶v̶e̶r̶ their rightful position.

  7. We need important input into the labour strategy on digital media. Personally I would recommend state funding for independent journalism and recognised blogs like this.

  8. There is no doubt that they will try to undermine the left on facebook for the next election because it caused them so much damage last time and they can’t replicate the success themselves.

  9. So much for it being a glitch. Two days ago I had 15 legitimate posts removed as spam and discovered it’s an algorithm because as soon as you mark it as ‘Not spam’ you get an auto reply saying your post doesn’t go against community rules and reinstates the post so they’re patently not checking live. I’ve complained because they’re also hiding (ghosting) peoples timelines barely any of my friends can see my posts and I’ve gone from getting literally hundreds of notifications from posts/shares on my own timeline emoticons/comments/likes etc. to one or two from the very few people who can see my posts. Many others I’m in touch with are reporting the same. When I reported it fb didn’t bother to respond but allowed a couple of ‘likes’ through. It’s now obvious that they’re targeting particular people like myself who are active. After I complained they informed me there had been changes to my account and forced me to jump through crazy hoops to get my account back but this is what you need to know. I know it’s being removed from fb and probably my twitter feed because none of the hundreds of people I connected with via #SocialistSunday have commented or rt’d it

    “Facebook is due to start hiding posts from people who spam users’ news feed with clickbait, sensationalised and misinformative articles.

    In a statement, the social media giant said it was making the update “to reduce low quality links” in users’ news feed.

    Facebook said it carried out research which showed that a small group of users were “routinely sharing vast amounts of public posts per day”, which was effectively spamming people’s feeds”. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/facebook-hiding-spam-public-posts-users-news-feed-informative-a7818071.html

  10. Everything on my Twitter Home page disappeared again on 22nd. August, for the second or third time.

    Tweets still appear on ‘tweet activity’ but the number of impressions seemed to fall off a cliff from the moment it first happened.
    I concede that could be unrelated and maybe I just got more boring ‘~’

    I’m far from high profile and make no effort to be so – online rants just help me keep the violence in the box where it belongs – but there is the whiff of Kafka or 1984 about this if it’s not just in my imagination.

    I guess if you real activists aren’t seeing the same thing I probably need a tinfoil hat or strong pharmaceuticals 🙂

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