Independent media launch joint group to combat Facebook ‘censorship’

Ten independent media – primarily ‘new left media’ (NLM) – outlets have joined forces to help combat technical changes imposed by Facebook that reduce the visibility of independent media to to users of the platform.

The changes – and those still in the pipeline – mean that even independent publications that Facebook users have chosen to prioritise in their feed appear in timelines far less often. Facebook says the changes are for other reasons, but the impact of what has been criticised as ‘censorship’ has already been felt by those who want their information free of Establishment filters.

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The publishers – The Canary, EvolvePolitics, Peter Stefanovic, Another Angry Voice, Unity News, EL4C, Real Media, Now Then, A Up Let’s Talk and the SKWAWKBOX – have set up the Independent Media UK group as a hub for their collective output, allowing their readers to reliably access and share their content.

The government and some social media platforms continue to plan and implement measures that will reduce the availability to the UK public of information not controlled by the Establishment.

If you are a Facebook user join the group, invite your contacts and share this news to help ensure that the UK’s people can continue to access information the government and corporate media may not want them to see.

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  1. Farcebook…

    Along with the toerags, the USA, murdoch and jeremy (sanctimonious bellend with nothing to be sanctimonious about, the gobshite) kyle; The major reasons why today’s society’s bollocksed.

  2. Brilliant idea , I have hoped for some time to see even greater collaboration across the left NSM and even dare I say it a one stop shop for all info re Labour and the left . Wouldn’t be great if this could somehow become the de-facto news source for Labour with financial support from Labour ?

    1. Isn’t the point that they’re INdependent media? Meaning they don’t take money from large organisations. That should include the Labour party.

  3. Great idea.

    “Facebook says the changes are for other reasons,”

    Ha, ha, ha! Funny how true left and anti- war/Imperialism sites seem to be being (hugely) negatively affected by this censorship on FB, You tube and Twitter especially. So much for ‘market forces’ and ‘free speech’, these platforms are hegemonic and are fast becoming tyrannical, partly it appears, via collusion with governments who are losing control of the narrowly defined narrative they want the public in the so called ‘free world’ have access to.

  4. If those changes happen maybe we should all block the “big boys “ from spreading their shit !

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