Video: Mother of two chronically-ill sons accuses CCG of offloading 128hrs care onto ambulance service

Hounslow woman Sarah Spoor has released a series of videos outlining the huge struggle she faces after her local CCG (clinical commissioning group) slashed the care package for her two sons, who suffer from a complex mix of serious and chronic health conditions, from 168 hours a week to just forty.

That struggle has left her feeling suicidal and has put her sons’ education at risk – and in her latest video, Ms Spoor accuses the Managing Director of the CCG of saying that the London Ambulance Service’s emergency service can replace the missing 128 hours of care:

The letter that Ms Spoor references in her video has been seen by the SKWAWKBOX and does, in context, seem to suggest that an emergency ambulance call-out is an adequate replacement for the removed care hours:

spoor letter

Mary Clegg, the CCG MD, was contacted for comment but did not respond by the time of publication.

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  1. Not enough info even to decide what I think here.
    If it’s the case that one specialist nurse decided Ms. Spoor’s sons need 24-Hr care and a CCG – made up of mostly doctors I believe – disagrees then I can’t support her cause, sadly.
    Even if the CCG decision was made entirely on budgetary grounds – there will always be such decisions to be made.
    Willing to be persuaded otherwise – but I don’t see that care going to those who shout loudest is any kind of socialism.
    Sorry for Ms. Spoor’s and her sons’ situation but other people’s health needs count too.

  2. What was it we were told by the Tories, “the doctors would make all the decisions relating to health care”. This is the reality and anyway private companies sole interest is in delivering profits not care, the future unless we get rid of this government does not look bright.

    Some of us that have been campaigning to save the NHS have been highlighting examples like the one in this article ever since the Tories started to introduce their privatisation Bill, but people just would not listen, saying they were not privatising it, the BBC still tries to make us believe they are not privatising it.

    The next excuse the government comes up with after deliberately under-funding the NHS, is that we can’t afford it, well that also is simply not true.


    We have all the money we need to fund our public services, and until we get rid of these lying Tories, we will never provide the the things that we had in the past. The post war Labour Party rebuilt Britain, created the welfare state, nationalised failing private sector utilities and created the conditions for a twenty year boom called by economists as the golden years. Then in 1970 along came Milton Friedman and Neo-Liberalism with the decline we suffer today.

    Life just does not have to be this way. Unless we let it be.

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