Watch this powerful video: suicidal mother explains cuts will end chronically ill sons’ education


Hounslow woman Sarah Spoor put out a powerful and moving video last week in which, without speaking, she explained how government and local authority cuts had left her feeling suicidal as a carer for her two chronically-ill sons.

Ms Spoor featured on the SKWAWKBOX last year, when the government’s reckless haste to move people onto an unfit Universal Credit benefits system left her immediately £2,500 worse off – and things have gone downhill from there.

Now she has followed up last week’s video with another, just as hard-hitting, in which she explains the dire straits in which she and her sons find themselves through no fault of their own – and the catastrophic impact it is having on both their education and her mental health:

If you are able to offer help, Ms Spoor’s contact details are shown at the end of the video.


  1. Lost for words – so I struggle. I am a disabled (life long, terminal, chronically ill) woman I won my appeal and then faced lying cheating murder and stealing from a corrupt animal D.W.P.; the whores of satan. Too much lost for words. This long diseased country does not deserve a life. The sewerage of satan repeatedly voting for Nazi devils thinking -I’m all right Jack’! Prepare to meet your maker, you blasphemous whores and maggots of Hell.

  2. Tory governments! When will people ever learn not to vote them in?

  3. Do we know how much the psychopath parasites have saved over the years robbing the sick and disabled and poor? There has undoubtedly been a ‘policy’ in place for years to cause as much stress as they possibly can to millions of people so as to kill them off as quickly as possible. Hitler would have been full of admiration were he alive today!

    1. I think it’s fair to say that the “hostile environment” for immigrants was first trialled on the sick, disabled and unemployed, who are owed considerable sums of money.

      There certainly ought to be a Nuremburg-style trial that puts Duncan Smith, Freud, McVey and the rest in the dock.

  4. Heartbreaking. Meanwhile public schools get millions in tax relief, officers at Sandhurst get tax relief on private education, corporate welfare is £79b a year, tax avoidance by the rich is billions and tth rich stash billions in illicit offshore banks to avoid giving to society.
    The point is brothers and sisters, you are not powerless.
    If unwaged you can join Unite Community – it is 60p per month but if that is too much I would hope the union could subsidise those in the greatest difficulty – or join Labour, I think it is £5 for the unwaged (10p a week) but perhaps Labour should make it 50p per annum.
    You are not alone! We are the many, they are the few!

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