Momentum’s ‘Team Corbyn’ missing a name. Vote for the full #JC9yes9 for NEC


Momentum has issued a new campaign video for the ongoing elections for nine members of Labour’s National Executive Committee – showing only eight candidates, now collectively named ‘Team Corbyn’ instead of the ‘JC9’.

For some time, Momentum’s graphics etc continued to show the full ‘grassroots left’ slate of nine candidates including incumbent NEC member Peter Willsman, in spite of the decision of a subset of Momentum’s National Coordinating Group (NCG) deciding to withdraw support from Willsman after comments during an NEC meeting were deliberately misrepresented as antisemitic by the ‘MSM’.

At the time of the decision, the SKWAWKBOX branded the decision ‘idiotic and reckless’. This blog stands by that assessment – and many local Momentum groups have come out along similar lines.

Willsman’s comments were loud and opinionated, but not remotely antisemitic. None of the NEC’s 39 members at the time – including whoever was dialling in and illicitly recorded them before leaking them to the press – remonstrated with him over them at the time, apart from one voice and the chair asking him to sit down.

The furore has been manufactured by an Establishment desperate to force Willsman’s resignation before Labour’s Democracy Review recommendations are passed for ratification to Labour’s annual conference by the NEC early next month – and almost as desperate to reduce or eliminate the pro-Corbyn, pro-member majority on the NEC.

Voting for a slate of eight in a nine-place election makes the damage far more likely of an anti-Corbyn, or at best unreliable, candidate making it onto the NEC to the detriment of the majority of members and Labour’s move toward democratic member empowerment. This would represent a victory for the frankly dishonest tactics of the Labour right and its supporters.

Similarly, refusing to vote for Momentum founder Jon Lansman because of his perceived role in the decision will be equally damaging to the Democracy Review and the impetus of Labour as a member-led movement.

Voting in the election continues until 30 August. If you have not yet cast your vote, the SKWAWKBOX asks that you vote for all nine of the original slate:

  • Peter Willsman
  • Huda Elmi
  • Jon Lansman
  • Claudia Webbe
  • Darren Williamson
  • Yasmine Dar
  • Ann Henderson
  • Rachel Garnham
  • Navendu Mishra

With the non-stop attempts to force the NEC into accepting conditions into its Code of Conduct that even their author agrees are abused to restrict free speech, maintaining an NEC that reflects the politics of the majority of members is more important than ever.

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  1. Still asking people to vote for the totally unacceptable Lansman.Sigh!

    1. So you would rather have the backstabbing Witch Hunter General, after the failed 2016 coup, (now allied with Progress) Ann Black, back on our NEC, John ? Or openly rabid anti Corbyn Right winger, Eddie Izzard ? We unfortunately are simply lumbered with a backroom Lansman and his Old Left pals claque, selected, nine Left candidates for the NEC , take it or leave it. I’m not keen on a couple of the other nine as well. And I wouldn’t have actually put Peter Willsman on the Slate either , given his “old pals regardless of politics” desire to put Ann Black back on the Slate this year. But that’s simply too bad now. We vitally need ALL nine NEC places for Left, often admittedly flawed, but nevertheless pro-Corbyn, people. There are no other genuine Left candidates standing . It would be tactical madness not to vote for all nine. Your position is sectarian foolishness.

      1. Hear, hear, the Left needs to show political maturity and discipline.
        So vote for the JC9 but fight for a more democratic process for all of us to choose the JC9 next time!

  2. Some very worrying actions from the Momentum leadership, Lansman for all the hype has come across as being as useful as a wet paper bag in a storm when dealing with the antisemitism smear. If you are giving power to the grassroots then let them make the decision not about who to support.

  3. Is there NO alternative to Lansman in the whole of the Labour Party?.

    I know even if there is it could still split the vote, because many people will have voted for Lansman before his duplicity became evident.

    However, surely the point is if Lansman does get on to the NEC what’s the use of having him there if he cannot be relied upon?

    1. If Lansman doesn’t get on the NEC, it will DEFINITELY let in that turncoat, now ally of Progress, Ann Black, OR rabid anti Corbyn Right winger, and ally of Progress, Eddie Izzard !. You seriously think THAT will be better than even the dodgy Lansman ? It’s not pleasant voting for Lansman – I agree, but only a sectarian nincompoop would risk that. And yes, from direct knowledge of how many of my Momentum comrades HAVE voted, there are many sectarian nincompoops on the Left in this NEC vote – hoping that their little tactically stupid personal feelgood hissyfit in refusjng to vote for Lansman ISN’T replicated by everyone else ! The politics of self-absorbed virtue signaling gone mad !

      1. To call those who have genuine concerns about voting for Lansman ‘nincompoops’ is uncomradely to say the least and shows a certain disregard for the opinions of others. The problem replicates exactly that which occurred during the Blair years when Blair the ‘president’ said this is what you are getting like it or lump it.

        Lansman has already caused untold damage to Jeremy Corbyn and if he continues to try to align the Labour Party with the Zionist JLM there could be even worse to come.

        If I had have been asked to choose nine candidates, even though I don’t know them personally, I’m sure I could have selected nine from those whose twitter accounts thousands of people follow who would have filled the roles admirably. It’s called giving control back to the members.

        ‘Momentum’ have not done us any favours with their recommendations and I suspect many if not most Momentum members who by all accounts never got a look in will agree.

  4. If their attacks “like a right winger” happen again & or they dont realise their vote losing stupidity is looking more like right wing anti JC actions I will submit my resignation!

    1. Exactly, I suspect that most of us don’t know who the majority of those recommended are i.e. their pedigree, therefore we were relying upon ‘Momentum’ to guide us. However, it seems like it was Lansman who was in the driving seat.

  5. Each Momentum Group/Grassroots Labour could ask anyone locally who is interested in being on the Left NEC slate to write a 500 word statement on their ideas and these should be made available to the local Momentum members/Grassroots Labour via their FB page and posted to those without computers.
    Then as part of a meeting the interested potential nominees could face a hustings and members present could (a) nominate ONE person or (b) nominate someone from another group or (c) not nominate.
    Then the group result is shared with the full local membership but non-attendees would have 3 weeks add their votes and to vote on-line or by post.
    Then all the nominees statements are sent up to National Momentum/Grassroots Labour and are made available on their websites (plus are posted to those without computers) then we ALL vote OMOV for our top 9.
    I was wanting to take this draft to my last Momentum meeting for us all to work on this TOGETHER but we haven’t had a bloody meeting for 2 years (long story) but any way, some food for thought!

  6. I’m pretty sure most had voted before Momentum dropped Peter Willsman, that’s what I saw when we all went berserk at Momentum’s stance on this! I was really annoyed and told them so, when they didn’t relent I left, I stopped my DD and told them I wouldn’t be donating any more either. I’m with you, Peter Willsman is the last person that would be antisemetic! All he said was “some” Jews will have voted for Trump??? Are momentum saying “no” Jews will have voted for Trump? I doubt that very much! Nor is that antisemetic.

    1. there is also the question of how and by whom it was decided that Peter Willsman would be dropped by Momentum.

  7. Anybody who still believes that Lansman is pro Corbyn is deluded beyond belief.

    1. A silly posturing statement of no tactical or political value. Lansman has his own personal career agenda , but can be guaranteed to vote on the NEC to support Corbyn with significantly more confidence than Ann Black or Eddie Izzard – the guaranteed winners of any NEC place not won by the ONLY nine Left candidates available. Stop posturing , and vote, even whilst holding your nose, for the full nine Left candidates. This year – there is no other politically mature choice.

      1. As you say ‘ Lansman has his own political career agenda’. I believe that agenda could be very damaging to Labour’s cause.
        And please try to avoid insulting other correspondents on this forum.

      2. Snowflake alert, Ceredig, Stop whining about me being so nasty to you, and have the bottle to answer the actual question as to why you’d rather have an absolutely guaranteed anti-Corbyn ally of Progress like Ann Black or Eddie Izzard on the NEC, than a known (if undoubtedly self-interested) lifelong Left Winger like Jon Lansman. If you seriously would rather either of them won the seat (which is certain if Jon loses) then you are directly giving aid and comfort to the Labour Right.

  8. It seems to me this NEC vote is crucial with such a fine balance of Corbyn support on the NEC and with changes to democratise LP coming up. It is very disappointing Momentum leadership is going it’s own way, I think solidarity and discipline are key at this delicate stage in the move to a truly Socialist party.
    It begins to look like Momentum leadership has its own agenda and Corbyn is their ticket to influence in LP and thousands of grass root members who joined Momentum to support Corbyn’s vision.

    If Wilsman is (hopefully) elected to complete JC9, will Momentum leadership be campaigning to have him removed causing more chaos and division? Or, will they respect the democratic choice of members?

    Anti-Semitism is vile and unacceptable but it is also vile and unacceptable to abuse it by using it unjustly as a weapon for political gain as in the current campaign to unseat Corbyn and supress solidarity with Palestinians trapped in an inhuman, humiliating and deadly military occupation and colonisation project. It’s 21C and neo-colonialism is as brutal as ever and supported and led by the new and old western imperial powers..
    As Pilger says “Palestine is still the issue”. It is the unmasked face of modern neo-colonial so called civilization and ‘democracy’. That face looks very ugly and uncivilized to me.

  9. Izzard is a far worse candidate than Lansman – and that is simply what you will get instead. Aside from his politics – watch his excrable EU debate with Dan Hannan or his outburst with Nigel Farage. Awful.

    Contrast this with Corbyn, who was able to debate properly with Hannan on the Oxford Union socialism debate. Even Nick Clegg (a figure I have little respect for) could have a rational and decent debate with Nigel Farage. Izzard simply comes across as the very right wing stereotype of a “snowflake”. It’s embarassing.

    And contrast this with Lansman who is at least able to present a rational figure when interviewed.

    I know who I’d rather have.

      1. If I asked Lansman if he supported a £10 an hour minimum wage, renationalisation of the railways and Royal Mail, recruiting more police, supporting a public NHS and axing the internal market, kicking G4S / Serco / Crapita out of public services, cutting ties with the Saudis, opposition to TTIP and similar, and standing in solidarity with the cabbies undercut by Uber, the Northern rail train guards, Total North Sea rig workers, MOD cleaners, Ryanair pilots and cabin crew all of who are engaged industrial action, I am 100% sure I would get a “Yes”.

        From Izzard or any of the Labour First / Progress lot? Some measly platitudes at best?

    1. Is Izzard also most likely to be elected if Willsman isn’t?

      JC9 is a must as far I can make out at this juncture, that’s why Momentum NCGs stance is so worrying. Hopefully Patricia Roberts’ comment is correct and most will have voted before Momentum NCG came out against Willsman.

      1. I’d guess so from previous election results.

        The man comes across as a complete prat who is the very stereotype of “London media metropolitan liberal” and someone out of touch with the country. He also crucially appears to have no fixed political ideology – can you really see him standing on the picket line with working class strikers, or standing up to the demands of global capital?

        He is the ultimate Blairite candidate – a relic of the “Cool Britannia” years of celebrity over substance. It’s the equivalent of the US Democratic Party considering Oprah Winfrey or that Sex In the City actress as viable political candidates – both of which would guarantee a further Trump win.

  10. FFS, get a bit of discipline – I voted for all JC9 but you people doing down Lansman are really doing my head in – he’s doing nothing different from what Corbyn regularly does when talking to people he strongly disagrees with – give us a break from your sectarian
    egos or take up tenpin bowling or whatever grrrrrrrrr

  11. Momentum NEVER said that Willsman was ant-Semitic, just foolish to let himself be a target that may or may not have ended up harming us all – please get over it, and vote for him (as I have) or not without raging against our own side.

    1. Pete had his little wobbler on July 17th. Lansman was there and sat through it all. He gave no indication that he thought anything he said was problematic. As late as July 29th he was exhorting us to vote for Pete. Shortly thereafter he removes him from the slate. He obviously was visited and received the benefit of some political re-education. Koff

      1. Lansman has a strategic mind – or maybe he doesn’t, I don’t really know and neither do all the Lansman-haters – my main concern is that sections of the Left ALWAYS view anything that Lansman does or says in a negative light ….. why do they do that??

  12. And it seems to be forgotten that Lansman was instrumental in throwing Christine Shawcross under the bus thereby letting Izzard in. And he set out to become Gen Sec leaving his NEC place open to the right. And by removing Pete from the slate he is letting Izzard in again or worse Ann Black. One has to worry about his priorities.

    1. Oh FFS, I give up, follow your sectarian path, I would hate to think I’m draining good people’s moral on hearsay and dumb assertions, but you are free to add your little wrecking bit if you must.

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