Voting now open in vital NEC elections. Make sure to vote for the #JC9 – here’s why

Voting has opened today for the nine vital places on Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) representing party members.

The left has put together a slate to fill all nine places – voting for all nine of these candidates is the only way to ensure that the party continues unchecked in its drive to become a movement that genuinely represents its members – and then the people of the UK in government:


Labour’s ‘democracy review’, set to update the party’s rules and procedures to ensure it becomes and remains a truly member-led party, is a vital part of that process – and its success depends on getting all nine of the above candidates in place to represent us.

With the ever-increasing smears directed at Labour and its leadership, a strong result for the left slate will send an important message to the media and politicians attempting to undermine the country’s only real hope of genuine change.

And in case you need any further convincing of the importance of voting – and voting for the left slate – remember that during the 2016 leadership challenge, a right-dominated NEC almost managed to keep Jeremy Corbyn off the ballot entirely, depriving members of even the chance to vote for the candidate they really believe in:

There are a few independent candidates, as well as Ann Black – who used to be on the left slate but was removed for failing the members – but however worthy, a vote for any of these makes it more likely that a right-winger from the Progress-/Labour First-backed (and laughably-called ‘independent’) slate will sneak through. The democratic balance of the NEC is too tight for such indulgences.

Instructions on what to do if your ballot doesn’t arrive in the next few days are above. Don’t miss out – have your say to make sure Labour remains the party for the many.

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      1. You need to get your facts and your labels right before you start posting Heenan.Lansman is a “liberal” Zionist,and I don’t vote for Zionists of any description.His silence with previous and new attacks on Corbyn and the party for “anti semitism”tells you all you need to know about “comrade ” Lansman.But on top of that there is the petty dictatorship that is the Lansman owned(yes owned)Momentum.Like I said get your facts and your labels right before you go attacking people.

      2. Is Momentum hugely profitable? Something the “ownership” of which will bring riches beyond measure?
        Is it possible instead that Mr. Lansman has unselfishly taken sole responsibility for any liabilities accrued?

        I just put that forward as a possibility, knowing nothing of Mr. Lansman except that he seems to be a stalwart of the Left and a friend of Mr. Corbyn’s.

    1. I sympathise but the issue is too important. Lansman is a power freak but that actually makes him controllable, he’ll toe the Corbyn line rather than lose influence. You can be sure he won’t be making any self sacrificing independent gestures. I’ll hold my nose and vote the whole slate.

  1. Go JC9! Jeremy Corbyn needs all the help he can get, especially now in these uncertain times.

  2. I am looking for an alternative to vote for,since I will not vote for Lansman,any suggestions?

      1. Only vote for the 8 candidates of the left slate you are happy with. Don’t vote for anyone else

      2. Even that is a mistake. All nine – anything else plays into the hands of the wreckers

    1. There is no alternative that will not play into the hands of the right – including not casting the ninth vote

      1. We know you have a peculiar blind spot when it comes to Lansman,but I will not vote for him because he is not to be trusted see my reply to Heenan above.

      2. Nonsensical reply. You’ll find plenty of criticism if you search the blog – but no flaws real or imagined change the big political picture

      3. Lans man’s interview Channel 4 yesterday began with him saying there was a widespread problem with anti semitism in the labour party.Nobody but the Zionists believe that to be true.Lansman is a “liberal” Zionist,and that performance on CH 4 shows why he is not to be trusted .What we have in the Labour party rightly,is widespread condemnation of Israel,that is not anti semitic.But if Lansman is allowed to have his way,that is the definition that we will end up with.His failure to deal head on with the accusations being made by the Zionists and their right wing friends in the Labour party demonstrates why he is unfit for a position on the NEC.Do not vote for Lansman.

  3. I was born in 1949 (baby boomer, wrong generation) so I have everything (joke); I am Pro-Life & Catholic; I was born in a working class area & still consider myself to be working class & Marxist; I have been a Socialist all my life, but aged 16 I joined YCL; I despise the political ideologies of Tony Blair; The Guardian & the BBC; I consider Feminism to be bourgeois, nothing to do with equality & an attack on the poorest in our society. What is Left Wing? What is Progressive? You have to become a solicitor before you can be a Labour MP #MeMe Top jobs for the bourgeoisie. There is no social mobility among the poor. It seems that I am everything the Bourgeois Liberal elite despise. Left Wing? Identity politics changes everything.

    1. You don’t sound Marxist in the least – if you reject feminism, then you support the bourgeoisie you claim to loathe.
      “feminism: the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities” – not asking a lot, is it?
      Don’t reject feminism then claim to be Left of anything. Because you ain’t. You’re just bitter. Which isn’t progressive in any way shape or form.

      1. Feminism has nothing to do with equality & nothing to do with equal rights & opportunities. Do your research! The Suffragettes did not want universal suffrage or any form of equality, they only wanted ‘parity’ with the men of their own class i.e. the middle class. They actively fought against votes for the working classes & Keir Hardy “it would soil their goals”; ask yourself why Sylvia despised her mother & sisters so much. Emmeline stood as PPC Stepney 1928 as a Tory on ticket, for King; Country & Empire. Dominant ideologies seldom work in the interests of the poor; ask yourself why Feminism is THE dominant ideology & who it actually helps! #MeMe Bourgeoisie. As for being bitter, how did you know? Bitter Yes! Resentful Yes! Time for the truth, but I don’t know if you’ve noticed, there is no MSM platform allowed for anyone who dares criticise Bourgeois Feminism. The class war is not over, despite what Blair said. Does that sound more Marxist, perhaps more Groucho than Karl?

    2. If you had pointed to certain well known people in public life like La Clinton who are indeed bourgeois feminists,we would have drawn some agreement from me Steve.But I am afraid labeling all feminists as bourgeois either betrays your lack of understanding of what feminism is(I am no expert myself)or perhaps points to another agenda in your comment,I am not sure which applies,but I hope it is the former.

  4. Because of Lansman’s criticism of Corbyn ‘not acting quick enough on antisemitism’ and his closeness to the anti-Corbyn JLM, many people will not be voting for him.

    1. Many will use that as an excuse not to vote for him, whereas those who support Labour will recognise that while Lansman ain’t perfect (who is?), he has been one of the single greatest supporters of Corbyn, Corbyn’s leadership, and Corbyn’s policies.
      And most of those trying to undermine support for Lansman will be tory shills, trying to weaken the Left.
      Don’t be taken in by the Right Wing attacks on Left Wingers!

      1. Don’t be silly.He has not been”one of the single greatest supporters of Corbyn”his silence on the anti semitism garbage is deafening,and that has been the main point of attack from the far right in the Labour party and their Zionist fellow travellers for some time.

      2. john thatcher, you complain that Mr. Lansman “owns” Momentum and then criticise him for not doing enough on the AS thing.
        The existence of Momentum is enough in itself to earn him a pass in my book even if your criticism is justified – which I don’t accept.
        I won’t guess at your motives but I am suspicious of anyone who would risk consequential damage to the party for what I think a comparatively trivial reason.

  5. Although I agree with the sentiment of the comments regarding lansman let’s not forget he is momentum, and the key to Jeremy’s success (in my opinion) whatever criticism we have for lansman (and I agree) let’s not give the right an opportunity to squeeze themselves in!

    1. No,the key to Corbyn’s success is the work of thousands and thousands of left wing people in all sorts of ways up and down the country.Lansman has just fastened on to that,and claimed credit for it.Plus that most important of things in politics,timing,the time was right for a resurgence of the left,never underestimate the importance of timing in politics.

      1. John T ,,,, Lansman has provided and helped very much in channelling and organising the Left .I would caution against personal animosity allowing the opportunity for a JC govt being jeopardized by weakening the JC9.
        Think of the greater prize hold your nose and VOTE FOR ALL 9 !

    1. I’m voting for the JC9 to help ensure a JC govt , the splitting of that solidarity will simply allow the Right wing to weaken the chance of getting rid of the Tories.
      Whatever ones views on Lansman there’s MUCH more at stake .

  6. Just voted for the JC9 and Momentum’s recommended NPF slate.

    Short of knowing everything knowable about every candidate it makes sense to take advice from the best sources available – Skwawkbox and Momentum in this case.
    Hope you’ll do the same John T.

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