Mail fake news exposed again – Corbyn wasn’t there on date wreath laid for ‘Munich terrorists’

Last weekend was a Corbyn smear-fest at the Daily Mail, with accusations made as ridiculous as that Corby attended the wedding of someone who allegedly – he has denied it – went on to do something four years later.

But the Mail’s big splash was the claimed ‘scoop’ – even though the allegation was also made a year ago – that Corbyn laid wreaths at the graves of ‘Munich terrorists’ and that pictures proved it. It turned out that the pictures didn’t show Corbyn near the Munich graves.

But it seems the Mail has a bit of an issue with dates. It attacked Corbyn for his wedding attendance even though the alleged wrongdoing of the groom didn’t take place until four years later – and it attacked Corbyn for attending a wreath-laying ceremony that didn’t take place until three days after his visit to the cemetery.

The Mail provides a handy timeline of Corbyn’s visit to Tunis in 2014 and states, correctly, that he was at the graveyard on 1 October 2014:

mail oct 1 tunis.png

However, the Tunisian embassy posted a Facebook notice of the visit to lay wreaths at the Munich graves:

tunis embassy date.png

In case there is any doubt that the embassy may have posted its notice on a different day from that of the visit, 4 October was indeed a Saturday.

Images of the event in the same post show no sign of Jeremy Corbyn – but clearly show the wide stone base of the memorial plaque, which is conspicuously absent in the Corbyn images from three days earlier:

The images also show that whoever took the photos of Corbyn would have been standing on the graves had Corbyn been at the ‘Munich’ grave-site, which would surely not have been allowed:

corb tunis

The Mail’s attack regarding Corbyn’s visit to the Hamman Chatt cemetery in Tunis does not stand up to scrutiny.

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  1. Surely this must break some code of Conduct for the Press in not the law. If not, it should do. The press can not continue to demand freedom if they behave like this.

  2. We are living in an awful time of Fake News, where the media doesn’t have to be accountable – it just has to create a narrative and then print a tiny apology on the few times if it is found out. It’s really depressing.

    1. “…as I show on my blog” for fuck’s sake… self-pleasure much, Sherlock?

  3. I am a bit old fashioned about these things. I can never bring myself to use that awful and completely unnecessary Americanism “Fake News” to describe these things when a good old four letter word “LIES” more than covers it.

  4. Just looked at the photographic “evidence”. Has anyone noticed that the pattern that runs along the bottom of the awning is quite different in Corbyn’s photo?

  5. I am so fed up with msm violating ethical codes in respect of reporting news. They deliver fake news and defamation etc on a daily basis. They need investigating and potentially shutting down .very draconian I know, but they are not amending their nasty ways , they are continuing to cause division and hatred. That needs to be stopped.

    1. Has Berger apologised for being at the same party as the anti-Semite, Taki? Surely, being present is enough!

  6. Regardless of the dates, does anybody else wonder why LFI/Daily Heil weren’t aware of this at the time & didn’t use it then to berate Labour & the left-don’t forget Labour had a Jewish Leader in 2014 & were still well ahead in the polls?

    Could it be that there was no story in 2014 with which to attack Labour or the left, because Jeremy wasn’t actually involved in anything to do with wreathlaying at the Black September memorial?

    I think we know what the true answer is, given the attacks on Miliband back then.

  7. Oh Right Wing Labour MPs and Jewish Conservative forces (trying to impose a dominant narrative on all diverse Jewish citizens) are going to make this run and run.
    Perhaps we can only win intellectually (see my attempt drawing from great Jewish and Palestinian writers on the Post on Pete Willsman) and perhaps we can win also on personal stories.
    As a working class young male from an inner city council estate, in the 1990’s (the first in my white working class family to go to university) I worked at a University Adult Education Centre and was lucky enough to attend an exciting radical international conference in Tunisia (there were radical adult educators from Europe, Latin America including Sandinistas and PLO reps) and to our surprise Yasser Arrafat addressed the Conference; the first two rows were reserved for the PLO leaders and their wives and I was embarrassed – the wives were dripping in jewellery (when thousands of Palestinians lived in camps) and the Leaders all lived in luxurious villas (we went to one).
    But Hamas were clever, they got in with the poor and offered services and jobs (as their fighters) to win a significant minority of hearts and minds.
    At the Conference we all had our individual photos taken with Arafatt after a question and answer session (which got in the University magazine) but a Jewish female manager seemed a bit upset at this but I never got to tell her.
    I am smallish but Arafatt was smaller than me but I noticed he was wearing a bloody holster with a gun in it so I positioned my body at an angle (Yasser must have thought I was being friendly) but in the photograph you can’t see the gun, so I got the peaceful photo I wanted.
    I think we will win with wisdom and the intellectual Jewish, Palestinian and other stars are now coming out on our side and I would argue we are up against political lightweights (unfortunately with plenty of resources) but left critics shouldn’t stoop to abusive language.
    My local Labour MP wrote a very weak piece on all of this and in every one of his points he was wrong (I didn’t comment on his article on his CLP website (I don’t undermine Labour MPs in their area and he is pretty good on some issues apart from this and Brexit) but I actually pitied him for his lack of reading.
    I finish with one of my poems which I think is relevant:
    ‘The old order (Neo-Liberalism) is dying.
    But the new cannot yet be born.
    Perhaps we are all being tested.
    And only the stars will ride the storm.’

  8. How many have noticed that the anti-Corbyn brigade on Twitter are now claiming that this article has been shown to be wrong and deleted with no correction. Just shows that it is always best to check for yourself.

      1. Try these
        _https : //twitter.com/TheRedRoar/status/1029003545520033792_

        Also there is
        _https : //www.newstatesman.com/politics/media/2018/08/skwawkbox-jeremy-corbyn-s-wreath-and-mystery-vanishing-online-stories_

  9. Feeling positive tonight and especially after reading about the 18,000 young people at the festival in Cornwall singing “Oh Jeremy Corbyn!”
    All the great ideas from left writers are perhaps now starting to crystalise into a powerful intellectual counter narrative to the smears and the ramblings of intellectual lightweights (despite their massive resources) of the Right.
    ‘Oh thy thinkers ye champions of equality.
    Who believe in peace plus diverse human love.
    It’s time to go on the offensive.
    For Palestinian, Jew, BME, white progessive midldle class and working class, men and women, young and old, LGBT and Disabled.
    As socialists for all the above!
    Destroy the Barbarians with your ideas!
    (Best I could do on the bus home Ha! Ha!)

  10. Carole Malone on Sky paper review. Corbyn was at the grave of terrorists.
    Presenter: Are you sure it was that grave?
    Malone: Yes I read it somewhere today.

    Probably in the Mail – why is this air head given viewing time?

  11. “The images also show that whoever took the photos of Corbyn would have been standing on the graves had Corbyn been at the ‘Munich’ grave-site…”

    Or they used a telephoto lens.

    More convincing is that the pattern painted along the roof edge is different

    1. Andy, I don’t see a painted pattern, just the pattern of the sunlight from the pantile edges – is that what you mean?
      Not a telephoto, perspective is wrong – 35mm focal length on full frame except for the shot with JC in it which was about 70mm focal length – all taken standing in the gaps between the graves.
      Absolutely taken at different times too because the lighting in the non-JC shots is cloud-diffused and the Sun is much lower – quite different.

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