Video: May flaps as she’s exposed not knowing or understanding own Chequers Brexit ‘deal’

The BBC’s Andrew Marr is not known for intense, probing questioning of Tory politicians – especially Theresa May – and his interview with her yesterday morning was only fitfully interesting.

However, one particular exchange that was of interest and for which he deserves credit exposed the extent of May’s utter ineptitude over Brexit – as well as the sheer depth of her wishful, even magical thinking.

may deal ignorant.png

Marr pointed out to the hapless May that her proposed ‘Chequers deal’, which would tie the UK to a ‘common rulebook’ with the European Union, would inevitably prevent the UK making the separate trade deals of its own that the Tories have been promising.

“You say it yourself in your own White Paper”

May flatly denied that the proposal would do that – which might have worked for the one and a half seconds it took May to turn to the section in her own White Paper that explicitly said the ‘common rulebook’ would limit the UK’s ability to conduct trade negotiations:


May – and her government – are in danger this week as the Tories’ ‘hard Brexit’ faction threatens to bring her down by voting against her plan.

If they show more spine in their cause than the soft-Brexit non-rebels did recently, she may be desperately hoping ‘stop Brexit’ Labour back-benchers will save her skin by backing her proposal – but the fact that arch-Blairite remain ringleader Peter Mandelson has also condemned her deal will have her in a cold sweat.

Especially as she is still shedding ministers faster than than a young Tory sheds dandruff, with more resignations seemingly announced daily as Tory front-benchers jump ship to side with Rees-Mogg and co.

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