Bannon’s revealing off-mic outburst

Steve Bannon (image DaTechGuyBlog creative commons)

Hard-right former Trump aide Steve Bannon has been interviewed a number of times this weekend by friendly faces such as his old pal Nigel Farage. But his composure cracked when he faced even the modest challenge of being ‘called out’ for supporting far-right law-breaker Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson).

Off-air – but not ‘off the record’ – Bannon burst into an expletive-laden rant at LBC political editor Theo Usherwood:

usher bannon.png

Lennon’s supporters have demonstrated their vileness this weekend, with one group forcing a bus to stop so they could hurl abuse at its Muslim woman driver until police intervened and marchers waving an inflatable sex doll bearing the face of London’s Muslim mayor riding a pig.

Another supporter was filmed abusing a female Al Jazeera reporter:


Bannon’s old protégé Donald Trump has just been welcomed with open arms by the craven Tories, while hundreds of thousands of people marched and demonstrated in protest. But at least the Tories can plead that he’s a head of state. But Bannon?

Lennon/Robinson as the backbone of this country is a joke – and a sick one. We’re stuck with him, but why is Bannon allowed free entry to this country when he supports those who foster hate and ignorance?

Bannon’s nature showed in his outburst today, but UK readers would do well to remember that urbane Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg recently met the American. The Tory’s manners may be better, but clearly there is an affinity.

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  1. Couldn’t care less what Bannon says about Yaxley Lennon. The whole “Judaeo Christian” trope would be hilarious if it wasn’t for some very powerful people working to make good on the rapture. It’s like Lord of the Rings come to life and Yaxley Lennon is Gollum.

  2. Notorious hate-mongers like Bannon are on a banned list. Why isn’t he?

  3. I try not to think about it that often because it’s depressing – but can there be another species anywhere in Existence that can produce the likes of Einstein, da Vinci, Newton, Mandela, Hawking, Obama and King – and at the same time produce suppurating pustules of corruption like ‘Robinson’ and Bannon?

      1. My list, my rules 🙂
        The way I see it he had the potential for greatness in him but was blocked at every turn.

  4. In the 1930’s they banned the brown shirts. This was a very similar group to the EDL. It should be banned. There have been pictures of a union leader being beaten up by these thugs.

  5. Yes I am afraid we are experiencing the Days of the Right Wing Neo-Liberal Barbarians where truth goes out of the window once the Right democraticaly win power; they then think they can do and say anything.
    But perhaps the moment in the sun for the Right Wing Neo Liberal Barbarians from Trump to Putin to our Tories to Erdogen et al and to the Bourgeois Socialists of China and the likes of North Korea is only temporary and they are swept aside democratically by Left Wing Democratic Socialists in every country as we bring in an era of sustainable civilisation and believe me future generations will recoil and laugh at these Right Wing Neo-Liberal Barbarians who served only the legal capitalist thieves of the planet.
    Take the rise of the far right including in the UK but there has always been racism in the UK and whilst social media has given the left a voice and a space to organise it has also given Far Right Barbarians the space too and they are aided by funding from the rich and powerful and given legitimacy plus emboldened by the Barbarians at the likes of Briebart and from the Barbarian Trump himself.
    ” Fascism is the emergency committee of capitalism.”
    25,000 far right morons assembled in London recently but this was a national rally and whilst we can get hundreds of thousands to millions we should not be complacent – one fascist is one too many but we should focus on building a left wing democratic socialist society and solidarity amongst diverse working people and we should set the agenda.
    Yours in international solidarity and peace.

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