Tweet of the week nails problems with govt’s Novichok narrative

The news this week that two more people have become ill as a result of what is said to be Novichok toxin has been fraught with problems similar to those surrounding the original Skripal incident.

Swindon Fire Service – in a now-deleted tweet – originally said that after a 77-mile round trip to the incident, its protective gear had not been needed, while Amesbury Police twitter account described it as drug-related. The question of how a supposedly rapidly-degrading toxin made people ill four months after the Salisbury poisoning looms large.

But one Twitter user captured the huge contradictions and strangeness of the situation and the official narrative in a single tweet:


Put this succinctly and pithily, with no frills or conspiracy-theory language, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that we’re not being told the whole – or even real – story.

Tweet of the week.

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    1. It is only fair to point out that they must be very comfortably off junkies to be living in such a house.This is one very bizarre story,with much to come out.

      1. John Baker House in Amesbury has been described by the Times variously as a ‘hostel’, ‘supported housing block’, and a ‘hostel for the homeless and those struggling with addiction’.

  1. By 2030 Russia will be the world’s 6th largest economy and we will be outside the top ten. It is time that the UK started making friends, not enemies. Trade with the USA will be a sure-fire disaster and we are better looking East.

    1. Totally agree. There’s a world of people who want our stuff who don’t live across the Atlantic. But if you’re a totally repellent woman who can’t make friends you have to relieve your frustration somehow. I know, let’s declare war on Russia. It went so well for the last two idiots that tried it. But seriously, I worry Putin might nuke London because he can’t take any more from the nagging bitch.

  2. Seems strange that a Russian master spy who administered Novichok to the Skripals in a way that the best brains the intelligence service has to offer cannot ascertain would then dispose of a container of the stuff in a public place. The medias regurgitation of the Government narrative is nauseating,I guess we should expect a”chemical attack” in Syria any day. I must be one of those St Petersburg trolls /kremlin apologists Mike Gapes is warning against.

  3. We could threaten to drop Mike Gapes on the Hermitage – it would cost many roubles to repair!

  4. I just read it Maria – interesting although I’m not convinced the blame for the current state of RU/UK relations is mostly Britain’s – but Mr. Livanov’s mention of the Nord Stream 2 project rang a bell.
    I read a piece a while back, can’t remember where, the thrust of which was that the US is extremely keen to get Europe to buy their compressed shale gas instead of Russian piped gas despite the danger and cost of shipping gas from the US.
    Who knows how far the US would go to make that happen?

    1. “I’m not convinced the blame for the current state of RU/UK relations is mostly Britain’s” perhaps you can explain why you think it is mostly Russia’s then?

      1. I didn’t say and I don’t believe that the blame was mostly Russia’s – I think there’s enough blame to go around.
        I wouldn’t swap May for Putin or vice versa.

    2. And what part did Russia play David?

      The letter is spot on, and many of the comments very interesting and informative. A complete contrast to the fascist controlled media and the British Establishment’s hatemongering and warmongering and fearmongering, and their machinations and faked events and fake news.

      1. Western triumphalism at the end of the SU was a predictably ill-judged humiliation of Russia – but if it doesn’t explain or excuse Estonia, Georgia, Crimea or Syria then what does?

        There are bad actors on both sides.

  5. Why did it take four days to report? On the day of Maybot’s pyjama party? Why is the BBC resurrecting the Douma attack?

    I don’t buy it. There is something extremely fishy about the whole scenario. We know for a fact the Douma attack was not chemical but a dust cloud from a conventional bomb. The story was lies and was debunked by a later video showing the small boy fit and well and reports from a visiting journalist and local medical personnel.

    Please stop using ‘fake news’. Call it what it is ‘a report of lies’.

    The British public has been subjected to a propaganda war by unscrupulous billionaires which has been perpetuated by the BBC

  6. We are now being told by BBC Newsnight 4th July https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0b98nb7/newsnight-04072018# , 15 mins in to the program) that British intelligence had evidence that Russsia has been keeping the Skripals under servalance for some years, and that Yulia’s email account was hacked in 2013.
    They did not elaborate on whether Yulia (a Russian citizen) had complained to the British intelligence about her email account being hacked, or given them permission to delve into it. Hmmm

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