Video: Speaker has to silence Tory contempt as Corbyn represents workers under threat

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On Wednesday, Liverpool Labour MP Dan Carden tweeted a comment triggered by a display of arrogance and contempt by Tory MPs during Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) that was astonishing even by their low standards.

The tweet clearly struck a chord with the people of this country, as it was widely shared – but the display itself needs to be seen and heard to fully grasp just how despicable it was.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn challenged the Prime Minister about perverse Tory priorities, asking her whether the leadership ambitions of Tory multimillionaires was more important to her party than the jobs and fears of thousands of BMW workers whose livelihoods are threatened by Tory incompetence over Brexit negotiations.

As Corbyn observed, clearly it was a rhetorical question – the answer is an obvious yes.

But as Corbyn spoke of those workers and their threatened jobs jeers, shouts and laughter grew to deafening levels from the Tory benches – and from a few cowards hiding among them, judging by his comment on finally being able to resume after Speaker John Bercow silenced the Tory sociopaths with a scathing rebuke:

No wonder the Tories are continually trying to get rid of Bercow.

But more importantly, the spectacle of Tories – yet again – finding the troubles and concerns of the rest of us a source of amusement and derision needs to be seen and understood across this nation.

Corbyn is the only political leader fighting for the many and in a position to get into power and do something about it.

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  1. Jeremy Corbyn was absolutely right to ask the question. But if we were not leaving the EU, he wouldn’t have had to ask it. I am right behind his campaign to improve the rights of workers, especially those on low pay. Whether we are in or out of the EU, this is the right thing to do. However it will make it much harder if we are out of the EU. In your blog, you have been scathing about ‘remain obsessives’. I count myself as one of those primarily because it is in our (the ordinary working people’s) best interests to remain inside the EU.

    So all power to his elbow on worker’s rights, I wish he would put some of his passion into remaining inside the EU as well.

    1. It’s a perfectly valid point of view to think we’re better off in – and it’s perfectly possible to argue for it in a non-damaging way. My problem is with those who – apparently deliberately – do it in the most damaging way possible.

      What it isn’t possible to credibly argue – imho – is that Corbyn could pick a side and join the ‘annul Brexit’ camp without *massive* electoral damage that would condemn the UK to exactly the hard brexit remainers most fear, or say they do.

    2. Do be careful when claiming that you are the objective embodiment of every working person’s better interests. It sounds a bit deluded and dictatorial. Only the Queen refers to herself as “we”, and she doesn’t take it very seriously.

      You ought to be aware by now that most anti-Corbyn Labour apparatchiks want Corbyn to do precisely what you’re saying, because taking such a strong position on a single issue like that would potentially lose half of his voters.

      What Corbyn is trying to do is 1. let the Tories dig their own grave on this issue and 2. vitiate the potential ill-effects of Brexit as the Tories “negotiate”. We won’t know what Brexit looks like until the day those negotiations have finished.

  2. Yes it’s been 8 years of Austerity for us but with Tory Tax Cuts for Millionaires and Corporations they have stuffed the mouths of the rich with gold in this time (£110b). I have always said the Tories immediately created economic protections from Austerity for their rich friends “Don’t worry rich and powerful, this austerity stuff won’t affect you.” As they are also blind to poverty they also changed local govt. funding rules to ones to be based on population only instead of population plus NEED (as it was under Labour) so generally Labour Council’s have had a worst. Time to get the Vile Tories Out!

  3. Situations vacant during summer recess, A zoo recently announced there chimps were going away for three months and they are looking for replacements, having heard this lot today they should apply, shoved in a cage and providing entertainment for the masses, free food, plenty of sun and the opportunity to act like they do in a normal environment, perhap’s Darwin was right there is a missing link and it ended up in the houses of parliament

    1. Reminds me of a parable 🙂 I used to use to illustrate the nature of Capitalism. It was about Neoliberal One, the cave dweller who, while sharpening a stick by rubbing it against another, discovered how to make fire.

      He could have just showed everyone else the trick and been celebrated as a hero of the tribe despite hitherto having been a greedy, workshy waste of space and universally despised for it.

      As a proto-Tory scumbag, naturally he chose blackmail.

      He offered his ‘Fire-U-Like’ service on the strict understanding that he never had to lift a finger again and was to be given first choice of and as much of everything he desired, including first go on the nubiles who’d always rejected him in favour of the stronger hunters/better fucks.

      Furthermore his many descendants were to have the same privileges – as of right and for ever – “Or you can all freeze or be eaten by bears, it’s up to you.”

      His next brilliant innovation would have been to employ some other wimp to count the beans, another to scratch the tally on a rock and another to beat the shit out of anyone hiding beans or daughters.

      Capitalism. You know it makes sense.

  4. Let us not rest, till we get rid of this vile, incompetent and uncaring Tory Government!
    For those of my age who remember the Thatcher/Major lot, we knew it would end up abysmal, but not worse!
    In all honesty, I never thought we would get a bunch of, “lying bastards worse”!
    “How, wrong I was”!

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