This petition has 38k signatures. It needs 100k to stop Tories laughing

Here’s a petition SKWAWKBOX readers will probably want to know about and support. The image of the leave campaign’s bus with its huge NHS slogan is, of course, now as infamous as the pathetic speed with which Tories and others were rowing back, the morning after the referendum result, from its promise to save £350m a week on EU costs and spend it on the NHS.

eu bus.png

A petition has been raised to demand that this promise be kept – or to re-run the referendum to see whether people still support Brexit in its absence. It has 38,000 signatures but must reach 100,000 to pass the bar for parliamentary discussion.

Whatever your feelings about Brexit, the fact is that this NHS promise played a huge and prominent role in the campaign – yet when challenged about it in the House of Commons, the Tories simply laughed:

tories 350m.png
Boris Johnson’s amusement at the idea he should keep a promise

Whether you’re pro- or anti-Brexit, the issue of a clearly-cynical and immediately broken promise should be properly discussed in Parliament – as should the Tories’ relentless underfunding of the nation’s greatest treasure. But the petition needs over 60,000 signatures by 15 May to qualify for discussion in the House.

So please take a look at the petition here and consider signing and sharing. It’s an opportunity to hold the Tories to account – and wipe the smile from their smug faces.

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  1. To me that message says instead of sending money to the EU we can fund eg the NHS. And we could also fund other needs.

  2. Never on my life did I believe Torie boys would keep there word about NHS …when privatisation will fill there pockets even more .were at there mercy & they know it , the little =====

  3. I simply do not understand why these monsters can lie and get away with it.

  4. The Brexit campaign was based on lies. Therefore there has to be transparency in negotiations , and if the final deal is detrimental to the vountry’ economy, security andxworkers” rights, people have the right to express it.

  5. Deliberately deceptive messaging during the referendum now requires payment to be mar as suggested or for the referendum to be re-run with clear and unequivocal cost/benefits spelled out so people can understand.

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