Left wins every contested position in Harman’s CLP that supported KENDALL in 2015

cp harmkend.png

Camberwell and Peckham CLP (constituency Labour party) is represented in Parliament by arch-centrist Harriet Harman – and supported the right-wing Liz Kendall in the 2015 leadership election.

Last night, left candidates won every position they contested – as well as overturning a right-wing move to control its conference delegation and sweeping that for the left.

Left candidates took twelve of fifteen officer positions and all the CLP’s elected delegates to the vital ‘Local Campaign Forum’ (LCF), the body that oversees both Labour’s election campaigns and the party’s local election candidate selection processes – processes that have routinely been abused by right-wing cartels around the country.

Members also overturned an attempt to limit the CLP’s delegates to the party’s annual conference to four, instead sending eight left-wing delegates.

The left won most of these positions by a ratio of two to one – the same as the ratio by which the right won most positions at the CLP’s last AGM in November 2016.

The Labour right has attempted to wear down the left locally and nationally in a war of attrition to retain or regain its control over local levers of power. No doubt this will succeed on occasion, but big wins for the left in key right-wing strongholds suggest that the right’s successes in its tactics will be limited.

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  1. The right wing of Labour increasingly display their hostility to everything bar a Tory administration. How on earth so many Labour MP’s in Manchester for example will interfere in ‘knowing best’ when they condemn West London to 700 extra flights a day from Heathrow by supporting the Tory government. Next they will tell us we must support extra seats on planes to get businessmen across the World to negotiate trade deals.

    1. Not just Manchester MP’s (although why Manchester puzzles me) but UNITE as well – all the way from the General Secretary’s office.

  2. They’ve seen sense….Gooooood!

    All the more heartening to know when you realise kendall was the ‘far right’ candidate out of the four of them – even further to the right than ed moribund was.

    But what’ll be better will be to see this repeated up & down the land. Of course, there’ll be the woodcock-type div mp’s that’ll refuse to get the message… They’ll go the same way as he will.

    Most (as it is now) need to go anyway.

  3. Harriet Harman:

    Years in Parliament: 35

    Achievements so far: 0

    I think only 18 CLPs nominated Liz Kendall in 2015.
    It looks now like ‘peak Kendall.’

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