Byrne’s Hodge Hill CLP swings overwhelmingly left


The SKWAWKBOX reported in the early hours on the near-clean sweep last night for the left in London’s Hampstead and Kilburn CLP (constituency Labour party), which elected or nominated left candidates for every position bar one in the vital National Executive Committee (NEC), National Policy Forum (NPF) and National Constitutional Committee (NCC) elections, as well as selecting ten firmly Corbyn-supporting delegates for the party’s annual Conference, where key policies will be decided.

Liam Byrne

But such results are not limited to London. On the same evening, Hodge Hill CLP – Liam Byrne’s seat in the right-wing heartlands of the West Midlands, saw similar results.

A report to Hodge Hill’s Women’s Forum gave the details:


  • Hodge Hill nominated the entire Momentum/CLPD/CLGA ‘left slate’ of candidates for the NEC – one better than Hampstead and Kilburn
  • Hodge Hill members also nominated theMomentum/CLPD/CLGA candidate for the NCC, Daniel Blaney
  • they also nominated four left slate candidates for the NPF along with one independent
  • in addition, Hodge Hill also passed a motion calling for the reinstatement of expelled long-time activist Marc Wadsworth and another calling for a wide range of sanctions against illegal settlements in Palestine accompanied by an arms embargo

Mr Byrne, who is listed as a supporter of Labour Friends of Israel – which was recently condemned for an appalling, victim-blaming response to the massacre and maiming of thousands of unarmed Palestinians by the Israeli military – reportedly looked far from happy.

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  1. Good. Now to get him punted altogether, the godawful twunt.

    One horridable, HORRIDABLE rat, him. Gave the toerags enough ammunition in 2010 to give them the 2015 election with his crass imbecility.

    But then there was also this…Thinking he’d ‘Out-IDS’ IDS, the f**king weaselly little shite


    And to add further insult to injury – Byrne offered to help IDS out with universal credit, back in 2013…Proving beond ALL doubt that he lacks even the brainpower of a f**king moron

    Oh, I hope that divvy’s flapping now…NEVER let him get away with what he’s done or who he really is. The obnoxious, thick twunt.

  2. Yes, writing that letter was unbelievably stupid!

    Not only did Cameron use it in one of the debates but it also appeared in Conservative election leaflets.

    Contrary to the view put out by the likes of Harriet Harman and others, Labour lost in 2015 because its campaign made several crucial errors rather than because it was too left wing.

    The idea that Labour spent too much could easily have been countered as this article shows:


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