Huge victory as left almost sweeps board in Hampstead & Kilburn

Hampstead & Kilburn constituency (image by Wereon – own work, public domain

With the noise and drama of various recent issues drowning it out, normal CLP (constituency Labour party) business continues – including many vital party matters as CLPs select their preferred nominees in the crucial elections for Labour’s National Executive Committee, the National Constitutional Committee (NCC) disciplinary body and the National Policy Forum (NPF).

Hampstead and Kilburn CLP has been regarded as a tough target for the Labour left and last night it voted for NEC, NCC and NPF nominations,  as well as for the CLP’s ten Conference delegates. The CLPD/Momentum left slate almost swept the board, taking all nominations with the exception of Jon Lansman who narrowly missed out to Ann Black.

Progress/Labour First candidates lost badly, with most left-slate candidates receiving around fifty votes, compared to thirty-three for ‘independent’ Ann Black (vs Lansman’s twenty-nine).

Progress/Labour First candidates received around thirteen – with Labour First secretary Luke Akehurst bringing up the rear with nine votes.

All ten elected Conference delegates are firmly on the left of the party and solidly behind Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

One member told the SKWAWKBOX:

Last night was a massive victory for the left in Hampstead and Kilburn, we also passed a motion for the reinstatement of Marc Wandsworth with a huge majority in spite of attempts by some on the right to dilute it.

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  1. “Luke Akehurst bringing up the rear with nine votes” Popular as ever then? Which deluded Blairite fool is gonna be the first to come out with…’we represent the majority of Labour voters’?

    1. Be careful in your thinking however…although I agree with you in a way, voters in CLPs are not Labour voters in the same sense. Labour Voters are those who voted for Corbyn, knowing what they were doing, in the General Election 2017.

    Up yours Akehurst …you and yours are DONE in Labour …now eff off and join the Tories

  3. “Progress/Labour First candidates received around thirteen – with Labour First secretary Luke Akehurst bringing up the rear with nine votes.”

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

    1. He’s deluded and anyone who thinks the way he does!
      We should look back at History to see what they do to humanity and every other living thing on EARTH!
      If there was a nuclear war, let their gods help those who are left!

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