Controversy? OPCW’s press release acknowledges Palestinian statehood

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has today issued a press release that may have caused consternation in some circles by its explicit recognition of Palestinian statehood:

opcw palestine.png

Palestine had deposited its ‘instrument of accession’ to the Chemical Weapons Convention in late May,  in a move that the Times of Israel called an expansion of its ‘bid for recognition’.

Almost 140 nations recognise Palestinian statehood. The UK, US and Israel do not – and Barack Obama told the UN that the US would veto any UN-wide attempt to do so.  The current US president is unlikely to approve the OPCW’s use of language, given his recent decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

The map below shows the countries that had confirmed recognition as of November last year:

Nations (in green) that recognise Palestinian statehood (Image: Creative Commons licence)

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  1. Palestine is a State is stating the obvious.

    Which is why the rogue ‘state’ of Israel and its supporters are doing their utmost to prevent Jeremy Corbyn, who would also recognise Palestine as a State, from becoming our next PM.

  2. Yes I agree.
    I think Naura Eraket, a brilliant Palestinian Human Rights Lawyer has succinctly defined the Palestinian issue.
    The Right Wing Israeli Govt. will not talk peace and allow refugees the right to return: “Because it wants to maintain its religious, ethnic, and economic supremacy.”
    It’s simple really, and this is what the Palestinians and World needs to address.
    Yours in peace.

  3. Some thoughts:

    Once one establishes Palestine is no longer a state, the illegal military occupation of that state ceases to be an issue.

    Is it fair to say Palestine has a “right to exist?”

    What kind of people would deny an oppressed people the right to exist as a sovereign nation that can provide some guarantee of collective safety from those who would wipe them off the map?

    Whatever happened to Canada? Today it seems like a socially progressive, neoliberal neoconservative minion of the empire. It’s embarassing because it’s out of line with it’s late 20C nordic model social values and institutions. Ask @NaomiAKlein

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