Two Tory MPs BLOCK legislation to make upskirting illegal

davies chope.png
Tory MPs Philip Davies, left, and Christopher Chope

Tory MP Philip Davies has a reputation for filibustering – talking interminably – to try to block legislation intended to help or protect women. He has twice done so – unsuccessfully – to block legislation against domestic violence.

Davies was also accused of ‘shameful and appalling behaviour’ toward comedian Luisa Omielan, including shoving her when she tried to interview him:

Today he has added to his ‘shameful and appalling’ record – by filibustering to block legislation to make it ‘upskirting’, or taking surreptitious pictures of women’s underwear, illegal.

In this, he was aided and abetted by fellow Tory MP Christopher Chope. When he’s not blocking laws to protect women’s privacy, Chope also likes to try to make us pay for NHS treatment and voting to prevent children from poor families receiving the free school meals essential for their health and education.

Shame on the vile, blighted pair of them.

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  1. Isn’t davies sh*gging fester (rape clause) mcvile?

    They’re well matched, if so. What an irredeemably repulsive duo.

  2. Tradition isn’t enough of a reason to allow MPs the ability to prevent debate by filibustering.
    These two scumbags should have their scrotes kicked in by the next ten women they meet.
    Women wearing trousers, obviously.

  3. Chope is the throwback who called commons restaurant staff ‘servants’, he is a conservative filibuster who talks out bills. He also recently introduced a private members bill to make charging for some NHS services legal….it was not presented due to lack of time but he intends to represent it. He also represents a constituency where a dog with a blue rosette would be elected.

  4. Surely it was today that Chope’s private member’s bill was to be reheard on paying for NHS treatment?

    Despicable behaviour.

  5. Philip Davies stopped the principal of compulsory first aid education being taught in secondary schools passing to a second reading because he did not agree with the principle of compulsory first aid education in schools.

    Labour needs to mount a major challenge to his seat.

  6. PD it could be suggested is a particularly odious Tory MP who on a tour of the US a few years ago looking into the death penalty for a laugh sat on an electric chair.
    If you are not against something are you for it?
    Right Wing Tory Barbarians.

  7. Philip davies is a loud mouthed idiot from Yorkshire and he describes himself as straight talking, he actually needs a strait jacket and a secure unit and that other thing called chope should join him, in fact summer recess these two idiots need to be found a proper job along with a few other wastes of space that exist in the tory party

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