Watch: comedian’s distraught video after Davies MP ‘assault’

Earlier, the SKWAWKBOX exclusively published the bizarre response by Tory MP Philip Davies after Luisa Omielan accused him of ‘shameful and appalling’ behaviour, including a shove described by fellow comedian Sue Perkins as ‘common assault’.

Ms Omielan subsequently published a video to her Facebook page that she recorded just after her ordeal, in which the clearly distraught comedian described what had just happened:

Ms Omielan is reportedly weighing her options, including reporting Davies to the police and via the Commons complaints process.

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  1. Ms Omielan has a witness, apparently. Perhaps camera evidence, also?

    The woman’s obviously had a traumatic experience; has evidently been caused alarm, distress and/or harrassment at the very least.

    Then there’s the question of davies attempting to detain her against her will…

    That said, I doubt plod nor the CPS will be that arsed to make that much of an effort IF a complaint IS made – despite their claims about ‘getting tough’ on violence against women

    But if you’re reading this – it’s well worth putting it to the test, Ms Omielan…

  2. Understandably distressing – and a clear example of the kind of scumbags in the ruling Tory party, unfit for office. Vote them out!

  3. I wonder if he would be so tough with a man? these tories are a shame to us all, their only way is by bullying specially towards women.
    The police has got to charge him, it it was other way round they’ll be hell to pay for.

  4. You’re right, of course – Although it’s not just women though, is it?

    The disabled, the unemployed & homeless have forever got it off the cowards. Even more so since 2010. Violence/abuse doesn’t necessarily always have to be physical or mental.

    Perverted, twisted, craven bastards, the overwhelming majority of conservatives. From whatever their background, they have that much in common.

  5. Just one last thing…Did I hear right? She said the fearless MP accused the bbc (via her) of a ‘Corbynist agenda’??

    Christ on a stick…

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