Video: BBC stokes Labour division by presenting years-old information as new

Theresa May’s government faces serious challenges this week as it tries to defeat amendments to its Brexit legislation – in particular Labour’s amendments to give MPs a ‘meaningful vote’ on any eventual Brexit deal and to retain access to the customs union.

To maximise the chances of the motions succeeding, Labour MPs need to unite behind them and encourage May’s critics on the Tory benches to join them.

This need for unity, of course, has nothing whatever with the BBC’s decision – along with several other ‘MSM’ outlets – to present a story about a guide to deselecting Labour MPs as if it is new information:

The Daily Politics‘ report heavily implies this is information that has only just become available, including in the programme’s tweeted trailer about the programme:

bbcdp deselect.png

In fact, guides to deselecting Labour MPs have been around for years as Labour’s current process for doing so is byzantine – and were widely reported two years ago when the Novara Media site published an updated version. Around the same time, David Osland published a book on the topic.

The only ‘new’ thing about the guide is that someone has now put the information onto a ‘wikihow’ page with a few not-very-impressive illustrations.

Apparently, this is enough excuse for the BBC to devote time to it on its flagship weekday politics programme. Coincidentally just in time to potentially stoke division among Labour MPs before the Tory government fights for its political life in the key votes – and to portray Labour divisions when in fact it’s the Tory government that is tearing itself apart.

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  1. Deselection is dearly needed for some MPs who have nothing in common with Labour values and everything in common with Liberal values (including foreign policy interventionist iideology and supply-side economics). These people and their harmful policies are wrongly termed ‘leftists’ by the msm. They are illiberal liberals.

    1. I think you must be referring to who the MSM started describing as ‘moderates’, as of shortly after JC being elected leader, the implication being that any MP who WASN’T a moderate, must be an extremist.

  2. Deselection is the only way Corbyn will get a loyal PLP, need to ditch some of the blairite dead wood sooner rather than later

  3. Unfortunately, Mr Corbyn will never agree to deselect these traitorous MPs because they were democratically – not a very good description of some CLPs – elected, because he is a believer in democracy.

  4. We could start a Tontine club.
    Start with a set group of the most ‘deserving’ deselectees, pick your favourite and guess the date of the runner-up’s dumping – if yours is the last rat standing and you picked the nearest date you win the pig.

    Or maybe a kind of fantasy football league in reverse – first to have all her/his 11 red carded wins?

    Not sure I’ve got the rules right – non gambler myself but I’ve worked alongside them – when you hear this shit all day long you can’t help picking a bit of it up.

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