Exclusive: Labour member saves man stabbed in shocking London knife attack

stabbed cropped
Close-up of the horrific wound site

A Labour Party member played a crucial role in saving the life of a man who was horribly wounded in a vicious knife attack in the Hounslow area of London yesterday.

The attack took place opposite Hounslow’s Sun pub and a Labour member passing by discovered a disoriented man with two deep wounds and intervened to help. Shawn Peacock told the SKWAWKBOX what happened:

I was walking by the Sun and saw this guy walking along looking a bit disoriented. As he passed, he said to me “Help me get this knife out of my back, mate”.

I thought it was a prank at first, but when I looked he had a huge knife buried to the hilt near his shoulder blade. A woman was there and she kept telling him to sit down, but the blade would have been moving about and doing more damage. He kept saying pull it out, but I knew that was a bad idea so I called an ambulance and then just tried to keep the blade stable and him upright – which wasn’t easy, because he was heavy and starting to go grey and fading out.


Mr Peacock, who does not have any medical training, continued:

I kept talking to him, trying to keep him alert while we waited for the ambulance. He kept asking for a fag! While I was holding him up, I realised he had another knife would near his spine, so when the ambulance arrived I briefed the paramedics while they started to cut his t-shirt off around the blade. The paramedic said if he wanted a fag, just give him one so he’d stay still – but he was really starting to go grey and slump by this time.

I spoke to one of the police officers this morning and they said he’s going to be fine. Apparently there was another knife attack in town the same evening, but I don’t know whether they were connected.

Mr Peacock was modest about his role, but did admit when asked that the paramedics had said things could have gone a lot worse for the wounded man had he not been there to help.

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  1. Well done, Mr Peacock! Not only did he probably save that guy’s life, but he was extremely brave as well because the attacker could still have been in the vicinity and returned at any moment.

  2. The man who was stabbed looks quite a lot bigger than Mr. Peacock and it couldn’t have been easy to hold him steady for any length of time – so very well done.
    Not bleeding much so very lucky indeed.
    Asking for help to pull the knife out suggests he might have got some licks in and have some of his attacker’s (or attackers’ given the other wound) DNA on his hands.
    Looks like the kind of handle that would hold fingerprints too if plod can be bothered.

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