Tory ‘Top of the Pops’ reveals sick heart of the Conservatives


A poll by the ConHome website has ranked Tory Cabinet members by popularity – or by ‘net satisfaction rating’, to be more precise – among party members. The results will boggle the mind of the rest of us:


The idea that Michael Gove is the most highly regarded or ‘satisfying’ member of the Cabinet is simply astonishing who consider him a dangerous throwback and who remember the damage he inflicted on teachers and children as Education Secretary. And of course there’s this:

But that’s as nothing compared to the fact that Esther McVey – Esther McVey – is the third most popular. Ms McVey was a disaster as a DWP minister and a horror as DWP Secretary, having freely admitted as far back as 2013 that Tory policies would push at least 200,000 more children into poverty.

That prediction was massively exceeded – by 2015/16 four million children, almost one child in every three, were living in poverty – and increase of four hundred thousand – and the figure is expected to rise by 1.2 million in just the next three years.

McVey also suggested that the Tories’ ‘rape clause’ – which forces women to reveal a pregnancy was caused by rape if they want to claim benefits for a third or subsequent child – benefits women and outraged Scottish Parliament members by flippantly dismissing benefit sanctions imposed on a hospitalised heart attack victim for not attending an appointment:

To most of us, that’s horrific. To Tories, it’s apparently satisfying.

Some other stand-outs:

Jeremy Hunt in 4th – the worst Health Secretary in history, who has presided over such a disaster of privatisation and underfunding in the NHS that what used to be considered a ‘winter crisis’ is now a ‘summer norm’
Liam Fox in 5th – the Trade Secretary who was previously forced to resign in disgrace for involving a ‘friend’ to take an unofficial and undeclared role as his adviser and taking him on official trips and into official meetings
Boris Johnson in 11th – the buffoon of a Foreign Secretary who lied to the people over the Salisbury attack and screwed up the chance of release of a UK citizen imprisoned in Iran, as well as routinely embarrassing the nation, most recently by snarking at Russia over the ‘murder’ of a Russian journalist who turned out to be very much not-dead
David Davis in ninth – the Brexit Secretary who can’t negotiate Brexit, lurches from one ludicrous idea or claim to the next and looks like a grinning toddler next to the EU’s professionals

In fact, the whole list is a shambles, because the government is a shambles. The only real surprise is that Theresa May and a few others manage to have negative ratings when Tory members clearly set the bar so low it risks triggering fracking protests.

Hat-tip to EL4C for the find.

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  1. As you say, the poll indicates not just the sick heart of the Tory Government but the sick heart of those who put them there. Which just goes to show that in general, the Tories are greedy, selfish and heartless.

    This is why, with his exactly opposite views, Jeremy Corbyn is such a threat to the nasty Tories and their grasping policies and a breath of fresh air to the rest of us.

  2. The people who put them there are UK voters -shameful British people who live nearby to where you and I live.. Not to forget of course the right of the Labour Party who worked damned hard to ensure Corbyn did not get the maximum votes her could have done in 2017. On top of that, the influential MSM, including the Guardian.

  3. Proof positive, if any were needed, of what the Tory party has morphed into following the Thatcher days. She laid the foundations and today’s Tory scroats are putting the roof on.

  4. Why am I reminded of the ‘Medication time’ scene from the film ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’??

  5. The amount of air time the BBC give him I’m surprised not to see Right-Munter’s name on the list.

  6. Gove looks like he’s sitting on the lap of a pre-pubescent child and the child’s the one doing the clapping.
    From the expressions flickering across Gove’s little Munchkin face the child might actually be approaching pubescence as we watch…

  7. it is the tories done this as it was a survey of there party members, I think they would be in for a wide-awakening if they asked general public, the name of the poll should be horrible and nasty as the title suggests truth

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