Liverpool Riverside arranges AGM for Saturday of NHS march – to favour right?


Liverpool Riverside CLP (constituency Labour party) has a dire recent of right-wing machinations to keep a grip on the structures of the local party since the national resurgence of the left.

The CLP was forcibly switched by Labour’s regional office to a branch/delegate structure to enable right-wingers to maintain control – delegate-based CLPs offer more opportunity for unrepresentative control via branch registrations from affiliated organisations with, for example, the right grabbing five delegate places allocated to the tiny Co-op Party.

The pretext for the delegate change was allegations of ‘abuse’ that members vigorously denied – and which were quietly dropped after the change went through.

The CLP’s recent history has been chequered, with the left achieving some gains but not managing to win overall control – in spite of the recent resignation of the CLP’s chair after members voted to affiliate to the left-wing Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL).

But it seems that the right in Riverside may be using organisational manoeuvres to try to ensure that the party’s approaching AGM (annual general meeting) goes in their favour – by arranging the meeting to optimise their chances.

An email has gone out to all members advising them of the arrangements for the AGM:

liv riv agm1.png

30 June is a Saturday – and Saturdays mitigate against the participation of lower-income and ethnic minority members, as the NEC’s Claudia Webbe recently pointed out, so this would tend to work in favour of the right.

Not only that, but a huge pro-NHS march takes place in London on the same day – and left-wing members and delegates, who are intrinsically more deeply opposed to the government’s ongoing privatisation of the NHS will be more likely to have arranged to be participate.

The move appears to be an attempt to swing the odds in favour of the right – and there is more bizarre news emerging from the CLP which will be reported shortly.

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  1. ’30 June is a Saturday – and Saturdays mitigate against the participation of lower-income and ethnic minority members, as the NEC’s Claudia Webbe recently pointed out, so this would tend to work in favour of the right.’

    Not remotely surprised, seeing as LFI vice-chair & JLM chair ellman is the MP.

    Large muslim populace in Toxteth. Perhaps Dingle, too. Don’t know what proportion are LP members but they need make their displeasure with ellman’s Israel stance heard at each & every opportunity.

    Also, it’s difficult to fathom how the people of some of the most deprived areas in the country (Vauxhall, Kirkdale and Everton) continue to put with ellman because I know those areas and some of the people who live there rather well, and as far as I’m concerned ellman’s done more for Israel in the last fortnight or so than she’s done for her constituents in her 21 years as their MP.

    That should be noted well by Riverside CLP; Whoever these people are pulling the strings for the right, they really are selling their friends & neighbours out. Eternal shame upon them.

  2. And I hope her cavalier/laissez-faire attitude to her son selling drugs is brought to the fore for her constituents to see for themselves what ellman’s about…


    Never let her attitude be forgotten: “Sean is 37 years old and takes his own decisions. He is a grown man.
    It is a personal issue and doesn’t have any bearing on the upcoming election.”

    Yes, your lad sells/sold drugs. Most probably to the poor & vulnerable…You know? Just like the people you allegedly ‘represent’ in your constituency??

    But as long as it doesn’t get in your way of being re-elected, it isn’t your concern. It wasn’t then; it sure as hell isn’t now. Israel, however…

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